Perilous Times Has Everything

Perilous Times has everything. Dragons, witches, Knights, climate change, corruption, people rising from the dead, lots of peril, jokes, etc. It's a good time Knights of the Roundtable style adventure with a powerful message. Basically we've wrecked everything and the veil between worlds is breaking so everyone decides- hey, let's callback that prophecy and bring... Continue Reading →

The Ninth Rain

I actually read this at the end of last year and was really impressed. I wanted to review it right away but when I went to buy the rest of the series (all 3 are out) they weren't available. The one time I'm reasonable with book buying it bite me in the butt. So it... Continue Reading →

Mulan 2020: Magic & Hair

Mulan Directed By: Niki Caro Apparently her real power is the hair. I mean not only did she never cut it but bouncing around in battle doing all these amazing things and it never gets in her face to allow her enemies to get the better of her. There was actually a moment in a... Continue Reading →

Witches Rule Discworld

Witches Abroad By: Terry Pratchett Luggage, Luggage, where are you? Okay I won't whine about my favorite sentient baggage being absent because these days are the perfect days for Discworld and this is one of my favorites so far! Although this one does have an ancient, lazy, occasionally vicious cat whose got its owner completely... Continue Reading →

Dark Magic & Bad Romance

Serpent and Dove By: Shelby Mahurin Lou is a witch in hiding trying to make it as a thief. Reid is a witch-burning Chasseur. One day after a run in they are forced to wed in a contrivance so ridiculous I spent most of the rest of the book going what the hell? Although at... Continue Reading →

Good Idea Wrong Characters

The Furies By: Katie Lowe Dark school days seems all the rage right now right? And I'm always down for some witchy Craft vibes. The Furies was strong in a lot of ways but I think it followed the wrong main characters. Our main girl Violet is starting a new school after suffering a horrible... Continue Reading →

Mini-Review Wrap-Up: Halloween Reads Edition

Fake Blood By: Whitney Gardner Grade: A I thought I'd do quick mini-reviews of the rest of my "Halloween" reading as I throw myself into non-fiction/sci-fi November because there were some interesting reads. See Fake Blood. Which is completely my kind of relationship drama. Our main character has a crush on a girl obsessed with... Continue Reading →

The Witch that Could Have Been…

The Witch of Willow Hall By: Hester Fox Grade: C Available: October 2nd After thinking about this book for a while it's most like an origin story for a witch when said witch is the least interesting character. Also a love story. Also not that interesting. *Netgalley kindly provided me with a copy of the... Continue Reading →

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