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Blood For Blood


Blood for Blood

Author: Ryan Graudin

Grade: A-

In Wolf By Wolf the Axis powers won the second world war and Hitler and company have spent years spreading their reach over the world. The resistance has one feather in it’s cap. Skin-shifting Yael, who takes the place of Adele Wolfe and enters the Axis Tour. A propaganda filled race across the continents where the winner get a chance to meet (and in Yael’s case hopefully kill) Adolf Hitler.
Since this is the second book in the series I can’t really talk about it without spoiling book one. So warning! Wolf by Wolf spoilers ahead:

Wolf by Wolf

Wolf by Wolf Author: Ryan Graudin Genre: Alt History/ Make Me a Movie! Grade: A  In 1956 the Third Reich and Imperial Japan have won the war and carved up much of the world. Every […]