WW1984: I’m Torn on This One

I find myself falling somewhere in the middle on Wonder Woman 1984. There was good in the film but I also think some of the choices could have been stronger and basically it needed a tighter script. I try to organize my 5 points on Wonder Woman that are sticking in my head below and... Continue Reading →

The Future of Cinema Going

May 2021? May? I was expecting February so why does May sound so much worse! So Disney moved Black Widow too May of 2021. Pushed Death on the Nile to December 18th (so it's going to be a very Gal kind of Christmas and also likely be the impetus for pushing Dune boo...) but no... Continue Reading →

WW1984 Rumors & a Dune Trailer!

So there are rumors now that Wonder Woman 1984 is going to be pushed to December pushing Dune into 2021 and I have some thoughts about that one. There's also been mention of Black Widow being pushed but that doesn't seem nearly as loud rumor wise yet. It looks like the delay for this movie,... Continue Reading →

Adaptation News & CGI Sex Scenes?

First up in things to look forward to Horrorstor is getting a feature film adaption I really enjoyed the book. It was nicely creepy and a lot of fun. Might scare you off Ikea and big warehouse stores for a while but I'm hopeful for the movie! As I'm sure everyone has heard Tenet moved... Continue Reading →

How Will Cinema Change Going Forward?

A lot of people have been talking recently about what movie-going is going to look like as we open back up as it's something I did frequently it's a subject that really interests me. What will it look like going forward? And will people even go to a crowded theater until a vaccine is available?... Continue Reading →

3 Things to Look Forward To…

I hope everyone is doing well under the circumstances. I'm trying not to let my anxiety take over and get on with things.  But I did find  3 more (entertainment related) things we can all look forward to! Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult have a new show coming out on Hulu in May. I love... Continue Reading →

Wonder Woman Hits the 80s!

Well I was very, very patient all day and finally got my Wonder Woman 1984 trailer. Gal Gadot is really pulling off that 80's look! I'm excited regardless of the trailer honestly. I think the action looks great. Gal and Kristen's conversation in the beginning was quite cute. I hope they do a good job... Continue Reading →

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