When to Eat a Friend

Honor Lost I really appreciated this series diversity of relationships and delving into proper use of gender pronouns. But if I ever get violently overtaken by an alien parasite which attaches itself to my brain and brutally, horrifically changes by mind and body and my friend almost immediately starts combining names like were some celebrity … More When to Eat a Friend

An Enchanting Spring Read

Enchantée By: Gita Trelease Paris. Versailles. Love. Magic. Hot air ballon and handsome inventors. The French Revolution. Marie Antionette (well, a cameo) and the crazy parties of the aristocracy while the world burned. Even the cover of this book screams, “Read me in the Spring!”

Carpe Noctem

Neverworld Wake By: Marisha Pessl Grade: A+ “Look around. It’s almost gone.  If only someone had told me that before. About life. If only I had understood.” When I first read the synopsis for Pessl’s first YA novel about a girl and her friends who wind up in a purgatory like place and have to … More Carpe Noctem

The Serpent King

The Serpent King Author: Jeff Zentner Genre: YA Grade: B+ Dill, Lydia and Travis are all small town kids and high school outcasts (for a variety of reasons) who are either dreaming of bigger lives or feeling that they’re stuck in the lives their parents and families made for them. Not great ones at that. … More The Serpent King

The Great Hunt

The Great Hunt Author: Wendy Higgins Genre: YA/Fantasy Grade: B A lot of the time when reading a book like this I get the feeling the young characters are confusing lust with true love. That was strong in this one. I mean their bodies were responding pretty much from the first minute yet I just … More The Great Hunt

The 5th Wave Film

The Fifth Wave Genre: YA/Sci-Fi/ Book Adaptation… Grade: C  The aliens have arrived and attack us in a series of waves including taking the power, spreading disease, and mass destruction without ever being seen. The 5th Wave based on the book by Rick Yancey (that I very much enjoyed) tells the story of Cassie, a … More The 5th Wave Film

This May Sound Crazy

This May Sound Crazy Author: Abigail Breslin Genre: Real People Grade: — It’s pretty much the case with me whenever I read or see something scary I have to immediately find something that’s light and fluffy in order to get over the trauma. I like Abigail Breslin. I’m enjoying her on Scream Queens and I … More This May Sound Crazy

Vengeance Road

Vengeance Road Author: Erin Bowman Genre: YA/Western Grade: A Come for the cover stay for the story! Kate is on the vengeance road out for blood after the Rose Riders string up her father. She chases them down come hell or high water and is totally willing to pay the ultimate price because she feels … More Vengeance Road