A Fantastic Action Filled Finale

Night of the Dragon By: Julie Kagawa I've found in a lot of cases series endings simply fall short. They don't live up to your high expectations. I am happy to say this is not those series. Night of the Dragon, as they say, sticks the landing. And now to attempt a spoiler free blog... Continue Reading →

The Worth of a Soul

Soul of the Sword By: Julie Kagawa Publishes on: June 18th Just want to give fair warning Soul of the Sword is the sequel to Shadow of the Fox which was one of my favorite reads last year. So there will be spoilers for that book but not this one 🙂 Also I received a copy... Continue Reading →

A Magical Road Trip

Shadow of the Fox By: Julie Kagawa A half kitsune half human girl, a demon possessed samurai, a down-on-his luck ronin and a noble with a strange past time walk into your village... What do you do? You should probably run because they're likely being trailed by demons and giant centipedes. Maybe don't try to... Continue Reading →

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