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All the Beautiful Books 2018 Edition

the surface breaks

Since I judge books by covers I wanted to do all my favorite most beautiful, striking covers of 2018. I haven’t necessarily read these books and in some cases the insides weren’t as beautiful or striking but these are my top picks! Unfortunately I don’t own them all either so in some cases they aren’t done justice… Enjoy!

I loved how these incorporated small elements of the story into the art on the covers. And the lettering on Grim Lovelies!

Obviously I’m a sucker for bits of the story being interwoven within cover art.

Faces can always make for striking covers:

My copy of Girls of Paper and Fire was a Fairyloot edition with pink edges. Which made it even more stunning. I haven’t managed to read it yet or anything but that’s on me… My favorite “face” cover though was:

There’s something both pretty and creepy about this one all at the same time or…

Managed a creepy element that draws you into the book. Oh, what’s happening here?

These book covers have always been so well done! And this is one where I am not doing it justice with a screen grab. The colors and the type give this secret party impression and the card element apparently plays a part.

Again not one a screen grab does credit to. But the bird is hugely important to the story I love the title lettering inside the body fo the bird. It draws you in but doesn’t give anything away.

The U.K. edition of Circe was so beautiful and so much better than the dreadful US edition that if I ever have money after the holidays I plan on ordering myself a copy. There’s little bits of lit within the cover that catch the camera every time I’ve seen it. I wanted that one originally but knew I was never going to wait for the shipment.

Pretty much the same story with the U.K. edition of…

Although I have to admit I didn’t think the US cover of Muse was nearly as bad as the cover of Strange the Dreamer.

But Muse is just a little edged out by:

Which has blue, faces, shiny things, all the elements of the story and this beautiful fairy tale look to it that’s just perfect. I wish I liked the story a bit more but hey, I bought it for the pretty and that delivered!



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