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All the Best Deaths

All the Best of the Deaths

Okay, this is a bit morbid perhaps but I was thinking of it in regards to Strange the Dreamer and we’re so close to Halloween so All the Best of the Deaths. By the way this isn’t a good or bad thing some of these absolutely devastated me but they were so well done!

Also there’s some pretty famous deaths in here but just in case spoilers for: The Book Thief, Crooked Kingdom, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Mockingjay, Strange the Dreamer, & The Hate U Give.

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My Favorite Books of 2017!

Favorite Books of 2017

I read a lot this year and below compiled my favorite reads with some runners-ups. These are definitely the books that stayed with me that made me think, “Oh, yes. I would read that again and you should read it to.” Note: A couple of them aren’t actually from this year but I’m counting it because this was the first time I read them.

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The Book Lovers Survival Tag

The Book Lovers Survival Tag

So I don’t often do tags but I saw this one on Youtube specifically¬†Tashapolis’ Channel¬†and I’m a sucker for the what would you take with you on a deserted island question so I jumped. The original tag was sponsored by Penguin Teen for A Map for Wrecked Girls. But I just liked the idea.

Chose 5-8 books you would need to survive on a deserted island:

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2017 Mid-Year Wrap-Up!

Hela Breaks the Hammer

Prediction for the end of the year: I will own an embarrassing amount of Hela merchandise!

I’m going to keep this round-up of the first part of 2017 super simple and try not to cry about the fact that we’re halfway through because while 2017 might be halfway over, at least entertainment wise, I think the fun stuff is still to come.

Favorites and Recommendations Below:

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