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Spiderman Is Cursed for Me

I swear Spiderman No Way Home is cursed for me. Twice since it came out I actually had tickets and twice I couldn’t go. I got to admit the second time this weekend, I probably could have forced it, but I just wasn’t feeling it anymore.

As to the first time occasionally I miss those long ago days when I would have said, eh, it’s just a sinus infection and been on my merry way.

Cytonic: Did the Novellas Steal Some Excitement?

So Cytonic (book 3 in the Skyward series) was my most anticipated book of the year… and I enjoyed Cytonic but a funny thing happened while reading it…

I felt as though some of my excitement about being back in the world was lacking for the first time.

And I think it might have had something to do with the novellas. Spoilers for the series warning!

The Love Hypothesis… Good Published Reylo Fic?

When I first saw this cover I was like… Why does he look familiar? And then I thought I was obviously losing it and than I found it The Love Hypothesis started out as a Reylo fanfic and realized okay, yeah…

It’s supposed to be Adam Driver.

And I was suddenly interested. Which is weird cause I love him but I’m not particularly fond of Reylo.