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Furious Love: Todays Celebrity Couples Don’t Compare

I honestly feel like even the wildest most outrageous (scandalous) super couples of today would have a hard time topping Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in their heyday.

Which makes them fun to read about. And also because for all the scandal and all the jewels and fighting it actually was a deep, true love that most people probably don’t ever get even if in the end it’s all consuming in destructive ways.

Daughters of Sparta

I’ve been having some fun with the myth retellings this summer but even so this one about Helen of Troy and her sister Clytemnestra was a nice surprise. Mainly because you think you know a story fairly well and the author actually does some new things with it.

Except Agamemnon.

I’m pretty sure he’s the worst in any retelling. Maybe he’s just the biggest asshole in the whole Troy mess.