Lessons in Chemistry

Elizabeth Zott is a chemist. Although technically she winds up a popular television chef teaching people cooking through chemistry because people suck and hey sometimes that’s just how the world shakes out. I actually loved Elizabeth and would totally watch her cooking show even though I know nothing about chemistry! (Or cooking depending on who … More Lessons in Chemistry

The Guncle

So I’ve been kind of down on contemporary lately (maybe too many prize nominee books in which everyone is some kind of awful or miserable) so I wanted to talk about one I read a couple weeks ago that has stayed with me. That somehow manages to be touchingly sad and also wildly hopeful and … More The Guncle

The Viscount Who Loved Me & Season 2 Hopes (Bridgerton)

It surprised me how much I enjoyed Bridgerton Season 1, despite thinking Simon would be better off drop-kicking Daphne to the moon. (She is by far my least favorite part of the new trailer- nothing worse than a smug brat who had to browbeat her husband into giving her everything she wanted before letting him … More The Viscount Who Loved Me & Season 2 Hopes (Bridgerton)

The Best Books of January

I read a lot of books this January and honestly started more than I wanted to. My reading habits are often a sign of how distracted I am so instead of a wrap-up I’m just going to talk about the top books and some runner-ups that are worth a mention and potentially a read!

Winter Reading Wrap-Up #1

Sophie: fills her head with thoughts of bad things happening at the luxury hotel where she works including kidnappings and jewel theft. Also Sophie… Sees hot guy scaling wall outside of Russian trillionaires room at night in bad weather. Guy: I’m exercising. It’s a hobby. Sophie: Okay, well don’t get hurt!