Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow is so wildly adaptable for a film that it gives me great hope it’s already on James Gunn’s list for the new (except his stuff) DC.

It needs some depth which a good screenwriter can easily supply but it really is just ripe for a movie. I just didn’t love the ending which was actually a little confusing… and yes I’m going to fan cast the two main characters below because I can’t help myself.

So Supergirl’s narrator is Ruthye a young girl who goes on a revenge quest against the nasty mercenary who murdered her father.They all run into Supergirl whose on the planet having a few drinks on her 21st (love it) and she winds up helping Ruthye. Cue an intergalactic revenge quest with two great female characters.

And it actually becomes more than that as the bad guy joins up with a larger brutal band of space pirates who are off on a multi-planet killing spree.

Through Ruthye we get a lot of Supergirl’s backstory including the death of Krypton. She was a lot older than Clark at the time and there are some harrowing scenes of the planet cracking up and people dying while she tries to make her way home. There’s also some very emotional stuff about basically the death of the survivors.

In other words this could look great on screen in the right circumstances and give an actress a killer amount of drama to sink her teeth into.

Plus the battles look good. The space stuff is a lot of fun and in the end the real reasons Supergirl joined Ruthye really work.

So who would I cast as Ruthye? Well that one was kind of easy she’s supposed to be a little younger than Supergirl. But I like Isabela Merced who looks very young to me and I’ve really liked her in the stuff I’ve seen her in I think she could hold her own with the innocent and the physical stuff.

Isabela Merced

So what about Supergirl?

Well there’s Sasha Calle from the Flash. I got to say she looks like the best part of that movie- but I’m of the opinion that they aren’t going to keep any of it. But what about James Gunn saying they may? Well I think he’s equivocating because there are two movies on the way in the $200 million dollar or so range and he’s not going to shoot down any possibilities.

Sasha Calle in the Flash

But I could be wrong and if they do keep her I’m sure she’d be fine.

I’ve seen other people fan cast Millie Alcock which I don’t hate she just seems so little. But maybe she could add a little bulk to pull off the fight scenes. I also love Elle Fanning who has the height, is still in the age range and has been great on well The Great. I also really love Sadie Sink. She’s a little younger than Isabela Merced according to Google but but I think she can pull it off.

Sadie Sink

Spoilers Below for the Ending



You’ve been warned.

So at the beginning Ruthye tells us Supergirl does indeed kill Krem which I thought, interesting choice. I was having some Superman killing Zod thoughts. But then they get to the final confrontation and we don’t actually see it.

Flash forward and an older Supergirl is visiting a very old Ruthye and they say no they actually imprisoned Krem in the zone but she put something else in the story. Supergirl tells Ruthye that after 300 years Krem does seem a changed man who regrets his actions and indeed when they let him out he seems to sincerely apologize to Ruthye and feel bad about everything he did.

And she kills him.

Which I’m still not sure how I felt about that one. I understand holding a grudge but story wise I’m not sure it worked well for me at that point. I assume there’s going to be a lot more clarity given in the film.

Recommend Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow: Yes.

Hope for the upcoming movie?

I mean maybe. It has everything to be good but if anyone can fuck up a good thing it’s Warner Brothers. We shall see.

5 thoughts on “Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow

  1. I’m still not crazy about James Gunn’s movie slate, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. I’m sure the Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow comic is great, but it seems strange to adapt a very recent storyline when there’s so much history to draw from.

    1. Maybe. I’m not overly familiar with Supergirl (though I loved the movie as a kid) I’m thinking this is just a simple clear cut easy to follow story. Though I must admit maybe part of the appeal for me is currently watching Marvel seemingly getting lost in the multiverse. I like the idea of keeping it simple 🙂

  2. I really hope the DC movie slate delivers on the huge potential it has. So many great comics picked out in Gunn’s slate as inspiration, so let’s hope we get the adaptations they merit.

    Also you mentioning Milly Alcock does make me think that DC should be looking to get her in. She’s so good in HotD and Upright, I can see her being a big star.

    1. I do really like her 🙂

      I think to if they are going mid-twenties or so with Superman they should snatch up Emily Carey (young Alicent) for a young Lois Lane.

  3. I was really going to read all the way to the end of this…but I decided to heed your spoiler warning for the ending. Because I’ve been looking for a great Supergirl comic for years! When I was a kid, Supergirl was in that “she’s some kind of gloopy shapeshifter thing and also sorta dating the re-youthified Lex Luthor” phase. And I read those comics and (mostly) enjoyed them. But I’ve not been able to find a Supergirl story I really connect with since coming back to reading comics as an adult. I LOVED Melissa Benoist as Supergirl (it was my first Arrowverse show as a matter of fact). I watched the heck out of that show and then doubled-down on trying to find a solid Supergirl comic.

    All this is to say I may be off to the comic shop or bookstore today having read this ;D.

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