That Avatar The Last Airbender Trailer

After watching the first official teaser for Netflix's Avatar The Last Airbender series... I'm still not sure how to feel. I'm slightly more hopeful but there's one big old question remaining. The question and the weight of this show really falls on poor Gordon Cormier (Aang) shoulders. My first thought is the show looks beautiful.... Continue Reading →

Star Trek Strange New Worlds

I have DNFed so many of my most anticipated shows this year it's sad really. Luckily I loved Star Trek Strange New Worlds just as much in season 2! Blasphemy in some quarters I know! And look I'm not going to say it's flawless. What is? I am of two minds about the musical episode... Continue Reading →

Good Omens Season 2: Spoilers!!!

Fact: Aziraphale is a great Angel and all around good guy. My unpopular opinion based on season 2: Crowley deserves better. Spoilers for Good Omens Season 2. The whole season dropped on Amazon in a lovely and much needed surprise! (I didn't know it would be the whole season!) So as seen in the trailers... Continue Reading →

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