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Hawkeye Episodes 1 & 2: Grounded Marvel Land

If you are going to get me to like a character all you really have to do is have them save a dog (or any animal really) and I’ll be rooting for them forever.

Actually I liked Kate Bishop before that but it was a plus and while I thought the first two episodes felt a little off it was nice to be back to a grounded realistic version of Marvel Land after Loki, Shang-Chi and, the should have been about Thena and Gilgamesh, Eternals.

Ted Lasso is Great but Keeley Deserves More Credit

Ted and Keeley panda vs. lion

You know reading all the discussion about Ted Lasso “saving” people or believing in them and bringing out their better selves (in light of the Nate situation) I don’t think Keeley gets nearly enough credit on her own.

But the discourse around Ted Lasso this season was really all over the place. And I have so many thoughts on this season it’s probably going to be two parts.


What If? Parties, Disrespect and Spoilers

So possibly controversial What If? Opinion but episode 7 Party Thor was my total favorite. I mean everyone was happy (well not Maria or Nick) Carol and Thor was the second fight this series gave me that I never knew I needed to see.

Loki was living his best life and really if this is how the world ends with a planet wide party it’s better than what we’re probably going to get right?