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Cruella (2021) The Good, The Bad & The Emma’s

There are a lot of hot takes out there about the new Cruella which is basically an AU story for that matter. Some valid (it didn’t need to be Cruella) and some not so much. Did people really want to see her kill dogs?

This was almost a rant about movies and people’s responses but instead I’m going to keep it simple like her hair. Black and white. Good and bad. And all opinions of course welcome.

But also Spoilers

Army of the Dead: Good Summer Zombie Fun

Why in these movies is there always a character who picks the worst possible moment to confront the “untrustworthy” possibly bad character (usually quietly with no one else around) and threatens to expose them the minute they get through this?

And I’m just thinking does it ever work out for those characters? Can’t they just keep their mouths shut until they you know, get through it?