They Cloned Tyrone

Ah that mix of lacking motivation for writing (or really thinking) but wanting to talk about a really good film… Basically I’m saying They Cloned Tyrone is really good and you should watch it! Even if I manage not to ramble about this one.


Nimona should be a lesson for Hollywood these days. A fun, entertaining well done adaptation of a popular graphic novel that captures the heart of its story. It’s also a story with deep meaning and diversity that almost didn’t get made. The fact that it did is one of the reasons Netflix, for all it’s … More Nimona

Great Summer Recommendations: Beaches, Music, Frolicking, Sharks & Drama Pirates

Full disclosure: Summer is my least favorite of seasons. It’s usually just the months I endure to get back to Fall. But I do have some great summer recommendations for books, films and tv. That I think very much fit the summer vibe we all like: beaches, fun, frolicking, sharks and hot drama pirates. All … More Great Summer Recommendations: Beaches, Music, Frolicking, Sharks & Drama Pirates


Say what you will about Tom Hanks accent in Elvis my skin crawled every time he got near Austin Butler’s Elvis. He looked like he wanted to eat him and I was yelling, Get away from him!

The Menu

Honestly I fully expected I was going to like The Menu. I put it on a list of Most Anticipated Films! And Anya Taylor- Joy… I pretty much enjoy everything she’s been in. I didn’t expect that I was going to LOVE The Menu and have it in my top 5 2022 films overall of … More The Menu

Argentina 1985

I only heard of Argentina 1985 due to its Best International Film nomination in this years Oscars. The whole reason I watched. And I’m very glad I did because it was excellent and well worth a watch.