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The Tomorrow War is Pure Summer Movie Fun

There’s already a lot of back and forth about The Tomorrow War in reviews and I don’t like Pratt that much so I was really surprised how much I enjoyed this. It’s not the greatest movie by far. But actually as a summer sci-fi/action film The Tomorrow War is pure summer movie fun!

And I’m sorry but I just don’t know if it’s fair to knock a movie because “the time-travel science doesn’t hold up” as I saw one reviewer say.

What Any Snow White Adaptation Needs

We’re getting a live-action Snow White adaptation from Disney (I’m surprised it took them this long) Rachel Ziegler’s been cast as Snow. I don’t know the first thing about her I wish her well but the thing is…

This will be the one Disney wrecks because I just don’t think they’ll do it justice. And oh well it’s almost the 4th I’m melting in California maybe I’ll be a little controversial because if Snow White and the Huntsman taught us anything you can have an average Snow White but you need…