Villains are Destined to Die Volume 1

I was a little nervous picking up this Villains are Destined to Die Volume 1. The premise pulled me in and worried me at the same time… if that makes a lick of sense. Luckily it was a fun surprise and I think the author did a good job with the things I was most worried about.

But I’ll get to the point-

Villains is about a young woman from a rough home that gets sucked into a game called Daughter of the Duke’s Super Love Project and must play as the villain.

Sounds good.

The point of the game is to make one of the guys fall in love with her. Or at the very least keep their affection meter up so she doesn’t die a very ugly death at their hands.

This was the part that made me raise an eyebrow.

But our main character is not only super likable in the game she also plays smart. And often uses her past to play smart. We see her generally taking this in and going off peoples personalities and what she knows about the game.

And the guys aren’t great but also they aren’t as bad as they could be. It’s really walking a fine line with me but so far staying on the good side. Although I must admit while Penelope’s character design is cool most of the guy characters look the same with different hair colors. Plus the art is fun and it’s a quick read.

I’ve already ordered the next volume and am excited to keep reading and see where it goes. Hopefully it will keep the strong narrative and get me to legitimately invest in one of these dudes if it comes to it. Although maybe Penelope will find a way to take the whole thing without needing the losers.

Recommend: Yes.

I mean so far only volume 1 but it’s off to a good start! And I just don’t want to think about why I repeatedly needed spellcheck to correct me on how to spell Villains.

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