Interstellar Movie

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I wanted to see this movie from the first trailer I saw back in August when I cried like a baby (trailers always get me) and my friends kept asking if I was alright. When I finally got to see it yesterday I cried in places (not nearly as many as I would have thought) and enjoyed the whole experience but if I did the whole star rating thing I’d say 7 or 7.5 out of ten.

In the movie Matthew McConaughey sets out to pilot a humanity saving mission. Take three other scientists through a wormhole and check out the planets that possibly maybe could support human life while the scientists on Earth try to figure out how they could get humanity through said wormhole if it all works out. The other catch is Cooper has to leave his two children behind on a dying Earth with no idea how long he’ll be or if he’ll ever come back.

I really enjoyed the movie overall. At nearly three hours long I didn’t get up once and in fact I’ve watched shorter movies where I was praying for the end. I actually like the fact that the movie aims to be big and thoughtful. There’s science versus love and mortality and human nature and mathematics and morals and ethics. Great credit to any movie that tries these days and still keeps you entertained. It’s beautiful. Great shots and pretty seamless special effects. The performances are excellent as you would imagine. I think one of my favorite scenes in the movie is after the first planet trip doesn’t go well they only have the ability to get to one more. In making that decision Anne Hathaway and McConaughey talk about love being the only thing that transcends and maybe they should follow that. I don’t want to give spoilers away but I thought it was a great scene and very human.

For me though it all kind of falls apart when they get to Doctor Mann. I think it was pretty easy to see what his deal was going to be upfront. Though there is an enjoyable edge of your seat sequence that comes out of that. Without giving away anything personally I thought the end stretched a little too far to get to where it wanted. So much so that the plot holes tended to be even more glaring and the implication of a possible romantic relationship between two characters had me thinking that I had missed something but no pretty sure that one came out of nowhere. The resolution with Murphy left me cold as well.

That aside I’d still say give it a chance. I really don’t get some of the Nolan hate these days. Is he perfect? No. Does this movie work completely? Not in my opinion as much as I had wanted it to. Does it try to provide something beyond explosions and mind-numbing stupidity? Yes and I appreciate any movie that even tries to do that these days.

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