3/5 Stars

This was a hard one but I finally thought just right up the middle of the road. Entertaining. Average. Seen it all before except the ants. And I really, really liked the ants.

I said on my other blog that Paul Rudd is absolutely effortless and Michael Douglas is as smooth as ever. I was one of the few people who liked Evangeline Lily on Lost so no problems with her portrayal of Hope. If you’ve seen the preview (or any other Marvel movie) you know the story. Ordinary guy gets special suit with some jumped up technology in order to stop a corporate minded mad man from using another suit which would bring about really bad things.

The cast really sold this movie and special notes to Michael Pena for Luis, Scott’s best friend who has some funny scenes and gets some good action. I also want to say yeah for Scott who, after hearing the plan, just comes right out and says shouldn’t we call the Avengers.

Speaking of despite some stretching of the belief and the usual dragging from essential an origins movie this was a lot cleaner and a lot better structured then Age of Ultron. I also thought they did a great job with a lot of effects.

There was an interesting thing to the movie that has been bugging me. Basically what I know about Marvel I know from the movies but in this one it was very obvious (and brought up several times) that Hope Pym was far, far more qualified to wear the suit then Hank. She knew the technology. She knew the company and what they needed to do. She kicked ass physically including Scott’s.

Yet it was Scott that got to be Ant-Man.

I have to say while watching the movie it only bugged me a little. Lily and Douglas do a good job with the emotional stuff. There’s a good reason that Hank doesn’t want her in the suit and while it’s trite and obvious it still makes sense. But no matter how entertaining the movie was for two hours, I had seen it all before. It worked.

Think the first Iron Man only with ants.

So I can’t help but think it could have been a much more interesting movie if Hope had been the one to don the suit and jump into action and Scott the one with the daddy issues.

Oh and I’m getting a little feed up with the credit sequences. If stuff is so important just put it in the movie especially that last scene!

Recommend: Yes- but it can wait. Honestly, I didn’t feel like this was a must run out and see it in theaters kind of Marvel movie.

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