Aquaman Did Not Disappoint



Directed By: James Wan

Grade: A-

Okay, I went to the first showing Thursday night and I swear I’m going to keep this more reasonable than, “Oh my God! Two and a half hours of Jason goodness…”

Needless to say I completely enjoyed Aquaman.

amber heard as mera

I do tend to agree with what people have mentioned about some seriously corny lines (and delivery.) I thought after the beginning when the action started and the story kicked up they evened out.

Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) wasn’t great. I mean he wasn’t Phasma levels of useless but I was still expecting more and I actually put a lot of the rocky beginning down to the scenes with him in the sub. But I do think it wasn’t the actor so much as the writing.

I also wish (and this is just a personal thing) that they hadn’t revealed so much in the trailers. Mainly I’m thinking of the suit reveal. Like I said- that’s just me I feel like I knew too much going in and would have liked to be surprised in some cases.

Mera in Aquaman

Jason was great. I’ve long since said I think he’s the only one who could play Arthur/Aquaman and make it work. Patrick Wilson was really fun as Orm- I did wish he and Arthur had more scenes together.

I also loved Mera (Amber Heard.) I thought they did a great job with her. Loved her costumes and her power looked great. I hate to say badass but… I think very much like Steve and Diana in Wonder Woman it was a very equal relationship and the movie benefited for it.

I thought the effects were very well done. Atlantis looked fully thought out and was rendered beautifully but that only serves to piss me off as this movie isn’t even in the competition for the special effects Oscar.

jason momoa as aquaman

There were also some really nice moments throughout the film. Like when he’s talking to Orm about how much he wanted to know his brother, Mera in Sicily with the fountain and the roses things along that line that gave the movie some real heart.

Also I’m not usually one for messages in films but this is how you do it. Of course I suppose everyone can and should get behind stop polluting our oceans and live in your own trash heaps surface dwellers. But I thought it was totally well done here and even made sense. Plus the film is so beautiful and not just with its special effects.

Anyway, I have rambled. Big surprise, I loved Aquaman! James Wan and crew created a fun and entertaining spectacle that still captured a great deal of sweetness. Fingers crossed for a sequel 🙂

13 thoughts on “Aquaman Did Not Disappoint

  1. Glad this was good. I was kinda hoping Black Manta would be badass lol as I always thought he was cool as a kid, but hey you can’t have it all I guess- I’m just glad this didn’t suck.

  2. Happy to hear Jason didn’t disappoint and that you enjoyed this well anticipated movie.
    I’m with you with those trailers, sometimes they reveal way too much stuff and can spoil certain surprises. I’m always tempted to watch them and usually can’t resist. 😊🙈

  3. I watched it last week and I have to say I completely enjoyed it. Though, as you said, for some moments I would have been liked to be surprised as well. On a side note, I thought two and a half hour of Amber Heard was not enough! 😀

  4. LOVED the movie! I cannot wait to see it again, the sequences in Atlantis were amazing and the finale was epic! Jason was so hilarious and adorable, I’m so happy he is finally in a successful movie <3

    1. So glad you liked it! I don’t think I can see it again until after the New Year but it’s definitely going to happen… and once its streaming probably several times a week. Fingers crossed Jason gets some good opportunities out of this and a sequel!

  5. It’s interesting that they’ve added a social message to the audience and it’s great that they’ve done it in this film, it wouldn’t feel disjointed and out of place. Plus, Aquaman has done great numbers (I think, I saw it on Twitter), so they can reach more people. Otherwise, I’m just so happy for Jason Momoa. 👏

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