But What’s it Mean for Endgame?

spider-man far from home

So the Spider-Man Far From Home trailer was released.

They don’t get timeline specific in the trailer and I mean we all knew certain things were not going to stick- this movie was in production last year when Infinity War was out but still pretty nuts to just release a full-blown trailer anyway. Not that it gives anything away from Endgame though I am thinking this lends credibility to my number one death pick.

Tony Stark

Farewell Tony.

Yeah, yeah. It’s impressive how he’s not even in the trailer and I can still make it about him. 🙂 (I’m still trying to decide if I want to rant write about the continual bullshit treatment my other favorite Stark gets in the Game of Thrones community but I’m generally trying to block that crap out so…)


We do get some Happy/ Aunt May flirting which I can so get behind!

london in far from home

Happy flirting Happy and cranky Fury checking on Peter. Which was actually pretty awesome like Pete, welcome to a whole new level of intensity.

Maybe Tony’s off with Pepper and the baby? Maybe they knew Robert Downey Jr would be too much of a spoiler as most people do have it down to him and Captain for top Deaths that will stick. But then maybe Fury is keeping an eye on Peter because he knows the kid meant a lot to a Tony who sacrificed his life to bring them all back???

And then there’s Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) who kind of does look a bit like a younger Downey and his shady character seems to be working some kind of long con.

a cross between ironman and thor

It’s even remarked in the trailer he seems a cross between Iron-Man and Thor. Playing on Peter’s grief perhaps? Okay, also true it’s definitely not clear whether Peter trusts him at any time in the trailer but still. Mysterio definitely seems to be working an image here.

The other thing this trailer naturally doesn’t answer is the one Endgame ending that would annoy me. No one remembers anything or they reset history and it never happened for anyone but the Avengers.

Far From Home looks fun for a first trailer and the cast is great but I hate to admit my biggest interest  in it right now is what it might mean about Endgame.


23 thoughts on “But What’s it Mean for Endgame?”

  1. I am just not sure how much I am looking forward to Spidey. I mean I guess I like this reboot better than the others, debatable, but is the timing ideal with Endgame around the corner. I am really intrigued in what Cpt. Marvel will reveal. I just hope not doesn’t fall flat. Now as far as GOT is concerned, lets get to it already… PLEASE!

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    1. Definitely a fly in my theory 🙂 But then again you would think someone would mention half of everything being wiped out of existence a few months prior? Maybe Peter and Happy are trying to embrace a new found lease on life?


  2. Gosh, I didn’t even know there was going to be another Spider-Man movie… I always get annoyed when trailers start giving away spoilers and it seems to me that Spider-Man may have done that to Endgame…. I’m starting to lose interest in Avengers movies but given myself, I’ll watch all of the new ones anyway… just to see what will happen. 😀

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  3. The trailer was fun: I liked the Happy/Aunt May interaction, the whole travelling abroad idea sounds fun and I love the Mysterio appearance. I’m curious to see how he’s going to become or show himself as the villain, because from the trailer alone, you would think he is the good guy. Also, I AM SO EXCITED FOR ENDGAME! (caps lock needed) I have to see how they clear this mess. Also, I’m scared for Captain America, he’s my favorite (and Bucky, who I wish would become the next Captain, but probably won’t)

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    1. I don’t know. I read somewhere they have a longer movie deal already in place with Sebastian Stan then they did with Chris Evans so they most want him around for something 🙂 Fingers crossed. I think Bucky or Sam could do it or perhaps they do a series on the streaming network?


  4. Who’s your other favourite Stark? Is it Catelyn? Catelyn and Sansa are easily the smartest Stark’s and that makes me so happy because they’re the most stereotypically feminine, so suck on that misogynists.

    This is the first I’m seeing of this film, and I can’t believe they have the Tower Bridge included in the film? That’s so strange, I live a few minutes to the Tower and I didn’t even realise they were filming there such a shame! I also missed Keira Knightley filming in my university library. I’m so bummed out lol.

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