The Glass that Could Have Been



Directed By: M. Night Shyamalan

Grade: C

A question about Glass- where did he get that suit? I mean his character has been in the psych ward since Unbreakable. He’s supposed to be exceedingly highly sedated throughout this movie but then he shows up in this shiny suit that just screams, “I need a lair and a hairless cat to pet,” and no one says anything? I suppose his mother could have brought it but still…

Seems odd.

So Glass is M. Night Shyamalan bringing together the story that was started in Unbreakable of David Dunn, who can’t be hurt, and Glass the mastermind trying to convince the world comic books are real or whatever.

The real standout here was James McAvoy who continues his Split role of the horde a multiple personality sufferer whose Beast is this super powered monstrous behemoth like something Knights would have gone and fought ages ago.

sam jackson as Glass

The movie was fine for the most part. A little slower than I expected but then it all helpfully crashed at the end so there’s that.

Seriously if Star Wars fans are so worried about J.J. not being able to “stick the endings” they may want to count their blessings. But there are a couple of things that stayed with me mainly Kevin/Casey and the idea of healing.

Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy) is the girl that got away/he let go in Split. When this starts we see her in a much better place. A foster home where she’s respected and loved. She’s put her Uncle in jail so when she seems to take an interest in the captured horde I was a bit put off.

Casey reaches out in Glass

I don’t even know why I was put off. I think he walked the line here in that it made sense despite everything she saw the good in Kevin (and at least some of the personalities) and an abuse victim herself it was a cool scene and maybe Casey’s superpower that with a kind touch she could pull Kevin back into the light.

And I’ll admit I teared up a bit when she faced down the Beast and was able to pull Kevin out again. The idea that Kevin- who seemed so very broken- could heal and stay in that light was a meaningful one.

I’m fascinated by the way healing (or not healing more often) is portrayed and I wish this film had done more with that story.

bruce willis as david dunn

There’s a mention though it’s completely thrown away that David’s wife Audrey has died of cancer and that broke him. (Probably couldn’t get Robin Wright to come back?) So the man who doesn’t get sick and doesn’t break couldn’t save her. Interesting thread but completely lost.

There was a moment to when Joseph (his son) thought he was losing and bravely got in front of the Beast to try to save his father.

And then there’s Glass himself whose body shatters but his mind is his super power. (Although I think he had a little too much freedom to get around at that hospital.) I set somewhere in the middle on Glass- it wasn’t a bad movie and it had some great performances and moments. You can’t fault a movie for not telling a story the way you think it should have been told after all.

But I wasn’t interested in the bigger picture.

Recommend: 50-50 But you definitely don’t have to rush out and see it in theaters.

Also this movie made me even more excited to see McAvoy in IT Chapter 2 this fall 🙂


7 thoughts on “The Glass that Could Have Been

    1. No and he usually manages to trip over himself even when he’s got something good going. McAvoy and Anya are great though but it can probably wait for home viewing 🙂

  1. I completely agree that there were a lot of incomplete ideas here. I was in the middle as well, interesting thoughts, disappointing ending, and McAvoy was absolutely the standout.

    1. Interesting thoughts disappointing ending- I think you summed up most if not all of his movies. 🙂 I could watch McAvoy cycle through personalities all day though!

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