More Happy Than Not

More Happy Than Not Author: Adam Silvera Grade: A Aaron is still reeling from a family tragedy and the aftershocks on his life. When his girlfriend Genevieve goes away for a few weeks he finds himself getting closer to new friend Thomas. And then he finds himself developing much deeper feelings for Thomas. The kind … More More Happy Than Not

A World Without You

A World Without You Author: Beth Revis Grade: A “You are not one person. You are a different person in each moment of time.” Bo believes that he can travel through time. He believes that the special school for troubled youth his parents sent him to is to help him learn to control his superpower. … More A World Without You

I Was Here

First things first this book tells the story of Cody who is left devastated after the suicide of her best friend Meg. Meg’s parents ask Cody to travel down to the college and gather her things. Faced with a thousand questions and no answers she begins researching the life Meg had that she didn’t know … More I Was Here

And We Stay

And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard is another book from the YA You Must Read List that I stumbled upon and it’s another one where I’m kind of split on the outcome. Emily Beam is sent off to boarding school after her boyfriend brings a gun to school and shots himself. You have to feel bad … More And We Stay