I Am That Girl


I Am That Girl… who loves to read these kind of books. I don’t even remember where I heard about this and I wasn’t familiar with Alexis Jones but I enjoyed the book and I’d recommend it.

The point is to empower girls to find their passion and live their lives to the fullest especially if that means embracing their uniqueness and dancing to their own tunes. I love that message. I wish I could do a better job of living by that message. If your failing, Jones points out, that means that you’re trying and living and that’s the important point. The one I took away from the book. That and always be kind.

The book does get a little repetitious at times and I got a little tired of the personal stories scattered throughout. There’s a good chance you’ve heard it all before. The book could have been a little tighter written. But to me the good things outweighed the bad.

The one thing that made it stand out to me (and the reason I’d recommend it) she talks a lot about having integrity and protecting your reputation because those are two of the most important things you can have. I honestly don’t think young people hear that enough. She talks about one girl who seemed perfect to work with the non-profit but was posting wild pictures drunk and semi-nude apparently on Facebook and other social media. She couldn’t justify hiring her and told her that. It’s so important for girls to hear that I think even more so than love the way you look.

That and chose you’re friends wisely because they also reflect on you and can shape you’re life and decisions for better or worse.

It’s a quick read and an interesting organization behind it. There are multiple charity websites listed in the back that you can participate in or donate to.

I’m definitely glad I read this one. I like the whole of Alexis Jones’s message and she writes in a way that wouldn’t turn off younger reads. Occasional chapters include some writing exercises that might help you think about your passion and friendships and important things. I know my passions I just have to start working on the living them part.


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