Thrive is another book I’ve put in the pile of books I’ve read trying to help myself. I have to admit it was less preachy than I ever would have thought. (I went into the book not Arianna Huffington’s biggest fan.) A couple of years back overly tired she fell and hit her head and realized she had to make some life changes- this book is about the so-called third metric of success mainly finding peace within and taking care of yourself.

I agree with her whole heartedly on the sleep thing. I mean there’s tons of medical research to back that up unfortunately it doesn’t help me get anymore even though I know that I should.

What I really wanted to know was meditating… I have been trying to do it with different apps, with YouTube tutorials, with other books and even through a class provided at my old job and I just can’t do it. If I do it enough I start to fall asleep but I don’t think that’s the point of it either.

Anyway the book was interesting but it didn’t break any new ground if you’ve read this kind of thing before. To be fair Huffington was a lot more of a relatable voice then I previously gave her credit for and if you happen to run a company she has some really good ideas you could put into practice. Also there’s a list of apps and charities and websites you can check out. I’ve been through most of them and found the most helpful are the websites and if you’re looking to help and don’t have any idea where to begin they have a lot of interesting information to help you start.

Would I recommend the book? It’s nothing new but it can’t hurt. I was actually thinking it would be a good gift for my stressed out mother with some assorted other relax and slow down goodies. 🙂


PS: I don’t work for either of those websites only think that they look interesting and I found them helpful. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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