Agent Carter & Galavant

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My television watching habits these days are not very good. I don’t watch a lot live and even then few things manage to keep my attention. I’ll binge watch something but by the time I get around to it I usually feel like I’m playing catch-up. That’s one of the many reasons I’m absolutely loving these winter run shows on ABC. I didn’t expect to like one of them and I thought the other would just be okay but really both are fun, entertaining and lively shows.

Galavant should be the last thing someone like me goes for. Not big on people breaking into spontaneous musical numbers. This show had me when Galavant’s beloved Madalena, kidnapped by the King decided (very publicly) that being Queen and rich was a heck of a lot better than being some poor Knight’s wife. Then after crushing Galavant went on to actually make you feel for the poor-love starved King Richard. Wanting to find someway to make himself less despicable to Madalena the King sends poor conquered Princess Isabella to lead Galavant into a trap.

This is a completely silly show. It’s humor tends toward the bawdy and juvenile but it pretty much had me at the slowest and weirdly best joust I’ve ever seen on television. (With a cameo from John Stamos.) The cast are all incredibly charming and they really commit to the roles but I especially love poor King Richard (Timothy Omundson) and his understanding Knight Gareth (Vinnie Jones.) Joshua Sasse is very good as Galavant to but honestly so far this entire show could be at the castle and it would still work. The songs are pretty good like I said I don’t really care for musicals but I don’t think they can top the big romantic ballad, ‘You May Not Be The Worst Thing in The World.’

This show is a Sunday night cover while Once Upon a Time is on hiatus. It’s only going to be eight episodes and I think that’s a good thing. The story is speeding ahead and I really think it would wear out it’s welcome after eight. But right now not only is it utterly charming it’s one of the only things I can think of on television that has made me laugh out loud in a very long time.

I was always going to try Agent Carter. All I know about the Marvel Universe is the movies and I don’t watch Agents of Shield but I liked her in Captain America and I think it’s high-time for a female to lead this type of show. The story has Peggy Carter after the war being basically downgraded to secretary. She gets no respect. Meanwhile Howard Stark is missing some of his “bad babies” and being tried for treason. Before skipping the country he enlists Peggy to go undercover and clear his name with the help of his loyal butler Jarvis. (And I’m so lame that I was amazed Jarvis was a real person!)

This is another short run but I wish this one could go longer. Not only do I love the time period they do a wonderful job with it. Peggy’s clothes are eye candy. Even the guys. The worst villains and I’m like man that is a beautiful suit and so far I’ve loved the little touches like the radio show, the police siren inside the car, and Peggy’s house mother at the all-woman hotel in which she’s living.

Honestly though like Galavant I think one of the reasons I love this is the total charm and commitment of the cast. James D’arcy (Jarvis) and of course Hayley Atwell are really impressive. She makes the physical stuff look realistic and is doing well with the quiet moments. You could tell this week what it took out of her to be reamed out in front of her co-workers for a mistake she didn’t really make. Plus they have a lot of chemistry together. Atwell also live-tweeted the last episode on both coasts and that was a fun read.

Both these shows are like little TV vacations for me. Lots of fun and hopefully done before getting dull or going off the rails!

Galavant airs Sunday on ABC

Agent Carter airs Tuesdays on ABC


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