Megan (Keira Knightley) is ten years out of high school unable to get into gear career wise and seriously unmotivated. Her friends are all moving forward and she’s stuck. Then when her high school boyfriend proposes marriage and she freaks out about that to and decides to lie to everyone that’s she’s going to career counseling and decides instead to spend the week with her new teenage friend Annika (Chloe Grace Moretz.)

Someone who can’t get there life into gear and has no idea how? Sign me up!

This is an enjoyable movie that kicks into gear when she gets to Annika’s house and meets her adorable father Craig (Sam Rockwell). I related a great deal to Megan and Keira’s her charming self. I actually liked Chloe here more than usual probably because she’s not overly important and is playing an actual average teenager instead of some super teen. And I liked Sam Rockwell so much that I actually could have gone for a little more romance.

Megan doesn’t make the best decisions by far but she’s understandable and I thought the movie made it pretty clear where she was headed career wise.

There are some issues that are dealt with including abandonment, an affair, teenage drinking (with the help of an adult) and an adult hook-up.

So if you’re stuck inside this weekend with the bad weather or even if you’re not I’d totally recommend this movie.

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