The Elite


I wanted to like this book. I really did. Mostly because it was my goal in February to finish one series that’s been hanging out on my wish list. The first book about basically a Bachelor like game for the Crown Prince in a dystopian future wasn’t bad. At least it was an interesting idea. This book on the other hand- well, let’s just say it put a damper on my desire to move forward.

This future has a pretty rough caste system. America, our main character is picked to compete in the contest for Prince Maxon and while in the first book it’s a bit of a game to her she actually comes to love him. This second book is where I begin to think maybe people should stop writing dystopian futures and maybe the Bachelor isn’t that great of a thing to base a book on.

I had two big problems with this book. Unfortunately they are pretty big problems. Number one: world-building. America never leaves the palace so that’s tough right there. There are Northern Rebels and Southern Rebels who repeatedly attack the palace that as of yet have yet to be explained. My guess is they want the caste systems done but according to the palace at least they don’t want the same thing. The attacks are patently ridiculous especially without ever delving any deeper. I mean the palace is guarded and armed but they are able to get in break things, shot and spray paint the walls.

My favorite though was one where the rebels attacked from inside the palace while everyone was enjoying a nice day in the gardens. I mean seriously?

There is a bit about the history in the form of the journal of the King who put the caste system into place. But it’s so mustache swirling over the top that you can’t help come to the conclusion these people are stupid and probably have been for a while.

Problem number 2: America is horrible! I liked her in the first book but I couldn’t stand her in this one. She loves Maxon and then she loves Aspen and then she loves Maxon again. He’s good. He’s bad. He’s good. He’s bad. Her feelings are pretty much based on the time of day it and whichever one of them is standing in front of her. There were times when she was cuddling with Aspen (who previously dumped her) while whining about how much Maxon had hurt her with the other women even though he was still technically playing the game. Yeah, she was leading them on big time and she never even got it.

So yeah, way too many problems for me to enjoy this book and my goal of finishing the series certainly didn’t happen.

Recommend: There are way, way better YA books to read. I’ll probably check out the third eventually but I don’t have much hope for this series.

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