Stitching Snow


Stitching Snow is another retelling of Snow White. Essie is the Princess missing from her home planet and hiding on a backwoods mining planet for the last couple of years. A boy looking for treasure crash lands and happens to see her very interesting tattoo. Then it’s off on an adventure to a random world, his home world, the truth about everything and at last a return to her home and her awful family.

Overall taking the reading experience as a whole I did enjoy it. There’s very little new here though and while I liked that Essie was smart she was also conflicted. I mean you can kind of understand she was happy where she was and doesn’t exactly want to be thrown into the middle of a war. Especially when the war is being waged by her father and his wife.

A couple of problems I had:

Despite the fact that Essie is (I think kind of crazily) cage fighting miners when we meet her somehow the “love interest” still has to teach her how to fight correctly. I don’t know. If I’m expected to believe some teenage girl was taking down miners I’m thinking she was doing fine on her own. Speaking of love interests… I liked Dane. He was fine. That is all. Like I said nothing new here.

Oh Essie also has a ‘power.’ I won’t get too far it. It makes me wonder though why everyone has to have a power these days?

Her family? Man her family. The Queen isn’t really a character in this she just randomly tries to kill her again and again. Oh- and an important thing that could trigger some people: It’s heavily implied that her father was abusing her and that was one of the reasons she disappeared so happily. She kind of brushes it off at first but there is an attack toward the end that while quick might upset some people.

However I loved how they did the dwarves/ drones that Essie had reprogrammed for the miners but became more her friends. They were so freaking adorable they made up for a lot of the plot problems that I had. I’m easy to please sometimes.

           Recommend: Eh… Take it or leave it. It’s an okay read if you like retellings. I actually enjoyed it despite my problems but between this and the Lunar Chronicles I’d definitely chose the Lunar Chronicles. I look at this like Once Upon a Time on television. I can take it or leave it.

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