The Book of Questions

The Book of Questions The Book of Questions

By: Gregory Stock, PH. D.

My Genre Classification: Self-Help Me/ Quick Read

There’s a question in this book that goes: Would you rather lose the use of one of your hands or all of your electronic devices… My immediate without second-guessing myself answer of yes made me cringe. Then I tried to pal games with myself. Then I accepted what that meant. Then I started to think how uncomfortable it would be to use my electronic devices with only one hand.

But not impossible.

The Book of Questions is just that- more than two-hundred thought provoking questions of all kinds. They aren’t riddles and the author never attempts to lead you one way or judge the answers. There are only your answers. That’s the point.

This book has some pretty interesting questions throughout some are kind of unimportant in the big scheme of things for instance I wouldn’t really care if a beautiful poem was written by a computer. Some are fun. Others are painfully personal and while I suppose this could be “played” at parties or done with a date this one was as much for me to ponder my answers. I’m now looking for help in books that aren’t even really considered self-help. I did also learn that I wouldn’t gain weight or give up my hygiene for any amount of money. So I suppose there’s a good side or a vain one depending on how you look at it.

Yep, it’s quick and interesting. You may get something out of it and you may not (I did) but I would suggest if you going to do this at a party you may want to sneek a peak at the book first and think about your answers although I admit it could be defeating the purpose.

Recommend: Yes. It’s fun and while I learned some interesting things about myself from honestly answering the questions.

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