The Infinite Sea


The Infinite Sea

Author: Rick Yancey

Genre: Sci-Fi

Grace: C

Long term reading goal: Finish at least some of the series I’ve started.

Yep, that’s been a goal for a long time! There’s just so many series. But this book is the sequel to The Fifth Wave (see movie trailer here) The story continues of Cassie and her little brother and the other teenage soldiers they sprung at the end of the first book continues even though all hope definitely seems lost.

They are holed up in an abandon hotel so Cassie can wait for Evan who may or may not be dead but either way he’s a turned alien so everyone else isn’t exactly thrilled to death at their love or happy to be waiting around for him.

This book was a typical sequel which is why I stuck it at an average C. There’s a lot going on but somehow at the end not much had happened. Ringer is a huge part of this book and that’s okay I like the character but she’s probably fifty percent of the book alone so if you’re in it for Cassie and Evan that might be a problem.

Everything is set up. Give credit where it’s due there are some answers provided and I’m definitely going to read the third book.

But I’ll tell you (without giving away any spoilers) there is one part with Cassie where she does something so dumb and does get people killed that it bothered me for the rest of the book and I don’t know if there’s any going back with that character for me. Unfortunately because I did like her in the beginning.

 Recommend: I was going to say yes but instead I reserve the right to judgement until I finish the series. Hopefully by putting this in writing I actually will!

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