Scare Scale: 10

Creep Factor: 8

Author: Grady Hendrix /Grade: A

 Scary ghost story?

 This one did the trick!

 Amy works at Orsk an IKEA knock-off in the mid-West. Strange things have been happening there and one day her supervisor asks her and another character to pull an all-nighter with him and try to figure out what’s going on. They wound up being joined by two other employees on a ghost hunt.

 What’s going on? A good old-fashioned ghost/horror story because unfortunately Orsk just happens to have been built on the remains of a prison where some not so pleasant things happened a long time ago.

 I admit a lot of what creeped me out is I actually do find IKEA and some of those other stores creepy. (I have this paranoid fear every time I step foot inside a Costco or Home Depot that while be the moment an Earthquake hits and I’ll be crushed by the stock and never find my way out. But that’s a whole other tale.) Probably everyone has been in a store like that. Lots of space. Lots of corners. Furniture to hide under. Doors that are supposed to go nowhere.

 I’m getting scared again just thinking about it. I liked Amy and Basil (her supervisor) quite a bit. But then again I think everyone has been in Amy’s position just trying to get by and failing having to do crap like stay overnight at this place in order to pay rent or get kicked out. There are a couple of violent and gross moments that set me on edge.

 Seriously, once I start reading a scary book I have to finish. I can’t sleep until I know the end. Luckily this one is a fast read.

 This one works so well and scares so well because the characters are so relatable and the place is so well-known.

 Recommend: Yes. So far the best of my scary book month! I’d also definitely put this in a should be a movie category.

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