IMG_1540 Sing

Author: Vivi Greene

Grade: B

A nice airy little summer book that pretty much reads like Taylor Swift fan fiction. I mean look at the cover. I’m not crazy.

And I admit… it’s also a little bit why I picked it up.

Lily Ross is a pop superstar who falls in love very easily, gets her heartbroken and writes songs about it. After the latest boy breaks her heart she decides to skip town with her two best friends and hide out on a small island off the beaten path hoping to get herself back on path and write about something other than boys. This of course lasts for a split second before local boy Noel enters the picture.

Everything plays out exactly like you’d think from that point on- for the most part- I must admit I liked that the end wasn’t easy and it felt very life like. Favorite part? When one of her friends pointed out that she’d fall in love with a paper bag if it hung around her long enough.

I’m sorry. I laughed.

There’s not a lot to say about this one other than the Taylor connection. Everyone is likable. It’s all very cutesy. They hang out on the local boys boat, swim on the Fourth of July, do yoga. Those kinds of things.

So enjoyable- yes. Cute- yes. Quick- yes. But probably won’t stay with you longer than the summer itself.

Recommend: Yes. 

A Taylor Playlist for Sing:

The Best Day

I’m Only Me When I’m With You

Come in with the Rain


We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Shake It Off

I Know Places


Long Live

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