The Fangirl Life

The Fangirl Life

The Fangirl Life

Author: Kathleen Smith

Grade: A

This is me.

What sold me on this book was the idea someone could tell me, or attempt to tell me, how to put all those obsessive fangirl feelings to good use in my everyday life. (If only there was something about not procrastinating but that’s a whole other story.) Also, these books are always nice to make you feel less alone.

Smith seems to be about my age so a lot of what she referenced I knew all to well.

Battlestar Galactica? I watched it because a friend made me. By the end of the first season I was the biggest Roslin/Adama shipper yet. Smith has a website Fangirl Therapy where you can take a test to see what kind of fangirl you are. Not surprisingly:

I’m a shipper.

Big time.

The book won’t be for everyone but it’s a fun, fast, relatable read. I actually did find some good advice in here. Though I don’t think asking myself during hard times, “What would Carol do?” is necessarily a good idea unless I’m in a zombie apocalypse. “What would Clone Club do?” Also, probably not the best idea.

But I am actually going to try some this in the real world.

Recommend: Yes. At least for the fangirl in you or your life!

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