girls in the moon


girls in the moon

Author: Janet McNally

Grade: A

Girls in the moon was one of my January Book of the Month picks and I really loved this one. Phoebe Ferris is off to New York to visit her sister Luna, whose dropped out of school and is having success with her band. Her mother Meg, ex-rock star herself, is hoping Phoebe can talk her sister out of her following her footprints. Meanwhile Phoebe’s got a secret of her own- plans to visit her absentee father Kieran and hopefully get some answers about what happened and what went wrong (or maybe right) with her parents all those years ago.

Despite the importance of her father’s presence (or lack thereof) and a couple of boys including Luna’s bandmates I was so happy that this story was very much about Phoebe, Meg and Luna! Yes, yes. We drop in on some drama with Phoebe and her best friend and a budding relationship but it’s all so very normal. Even though it’s very background you do feel like they’re going to be okay.

Hell, even declarations of hope for a future didn’t annoy me. It made it all feel so real. There was no, “Oh my God! I love you so much you’re my soulmate! Let’s plan the wedding!” I do realize that if you don’t like music, or lyrics, or the behind the scene bits of fame Meg’s flashbacks give you that you may not be as into this as I was. There’s no real big “moment.” Nothing explosive.

There’s a couple of fights yes but hey, people move on or they don’t. They make their choices and accept other people’s choices and keep going. I also liked the fact that as certain truths come to light (i.e. what really happened with Kieran) that some things that are so simple also cause so much pain but you just have to deal with them.

Another nice touch was the little bits of New York during the summer. Summer is definitely not my favorite time of year and I’ve never been to New York (yet 🙂 ) but I liked the rambles through the city and the little bits of song writing and lyric texting throughout just tickled me.

I guess the above it my way of pointing out this is definitely more of a sweet family story than anything else. But it was very real and moving nonetheless. I know it’s only February but so far this one of my top three of the year.

Recommend: Yes.

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