The Guilty Reader Book Tag!

Guilty Reader Tyrion

Trying my hand at another Book Tag this one created by ReadLikeWildfire including some guilty reading habits & this doesn’t even touch on my book buying habits!

Tyrion probably isn’t a guilty reader but considering some of the bone-headed decisions he’s made recently I just went with it.

1. Have I ever regifted a book I’ve been given?

No. But I have “gifted” some book box duplicates and at least one Amazon mistake. I hope that doesn’t count.

2. Said I read a book I hadn’t?

I’m sure I have at some point & it was probably for school.

3. Borrowed a book and not returned it?

Nope. Not that I can recall.

4. Have I ever read a series out of order?

Chronicles of Narnia

To be honest I doubted I realized I was reading it out of order at the time.

5. Have I ever spoiled a book?

The main one that comes to mind…

Red Wedding
Red Wedding

A Storm of Swords- but in my defense she told me I could because I really, really needed to talk about it with someone!

6. Have I ever dog-eared a book?

Not these days I definitely don’t do that. But I have no problem writing or making one up.

7. Said I don’t own a book when I do?

No. After all what if someone might wind up giving it to me as a gift? I wouldn’t want duplicates! 🙂

8. Haven’t read a book when I have?

I’ll pretty much cop to reading anything that I have.

9. Have I ever skipped a chapter of section of a book?

Not on the first read but I did just reread Game of Thrones (yeah me! I reread something!) and I skipped Lady’s death and that whole bit.

10. Have I ever bad-mouthed a book that I like?

I have a hard enough time bad-mouthing books that I don’t like! When I find one I like I generally want to tell everyone!

So all in all that’s not to bad. 🙂  We’ll just leave out my book box addiction, prioritizing books that are going to be adapted over other reads… and cover buys. All things I’m trying to work on!

I wasn’t tagged on this one so I’ll just tag anyone who wants to participate!







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