Confessions of a Film Lover Tag

Confessions of a Film Lover

I originally saw this film tag on Rhiannatoria and really wanted to do it. Since it’s movie award season I thought this would be the perfect time.

Most Unpopular Film Opinion

I think the more recent one was that Baby Driver was Wildly overhyped!

Baby Driver

Of course some parts of that movie actually made me motion sick. So overhyped and made me sick. Not a good combo.

A Guilty Pleasure Film

I have a few of these. I don’t really want anyone to know how many times I’ve rewatched The Nice Guys but I think number one would be:

Chasing Liberty

Chasing Liberty 

I’m an absolute sucker for everything about this Mandy Moore/Matthew Goode film.

A universally loved film I found boring:

I suppose this depends on what you mean by universally loved. The Lego Movie and Lego Batman got a lot of love and they both put me to sleep. It took me weeks to get through The Lego Movie at home and for some reason I tried Lego Batman while it was in theaters. I snored.

The Lego Movie

It was embarrassing.

Most pretentious film I’ve ever seen:

So a couple of years back I was going through a Michelle Pfeiffer phrase (because why not?) and made my mom watch The Age of Innocence with me. It was pretty bad.

The Age of Innocence

We found it pretentious. Every time I even bring up watching a movie she still asks when she’s going to get those eight hours of her life back.

My Film Aesthetic:



Christmas at Hogwarts combined with Moulin Rouge

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

With Belle’s costumes. And library.

A Director Whose Never Let Me Down:

Even if I don’t love every film I have to say I always find Christopher Nolan’s films interesting and enjoyable (there’s another unpopular opinion- I loved the end of The Dark Knight Rises) and I’m a sucker for J.J. Abrahams brand of nostalgia. I never noticed the lens flares until it was pointed out to me. I think he does well with characters to. I might not always love the film but I always love the characters.

A Bad Film I Love:

What’s your definition of a bad film?

One Film I Would Watch for the Rest of My Life:

Totally cheating but either the Star Wars or Harry Potter series. Or the Lord of the Ring films. Counting series as one 🙂

the two towers

A long but perfectly paced film:

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers or depending on my mood Inception.

My Film Dream Team:

Mostly I love to cast things. Like someone give me that Harley Quinn/Wonder Woman movie please! Michael Fassbender in a great movie, or at least good one, that would be cool. Zendaya getting a good starring role in something big. The Spiderman/Deadpool crossover on the big screen. You know? The usual. 🙂

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman



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