Still Torn: The Solo Trailer & More Series

Solo: A Star Wars Story

So we got a Super Bowl teaser and then the very next morning a full-length trailer. I’ve been waiting for this one for a while and once again it’s tough to have an opinion (good or bad) in this fandom. I actually read someone say that you couldn’t say anything about this movie or casting unless you had been to film school.

Really? Really?

I mean if it works for you more power to you. Great. If it doesn’t work, same you know? I don’t think you need to go to film school to have an opinion on a movie trailer.

solo in solo a star wars film

I got to admit. I’m still torn.

Weirdly perhaps I liked the teaser way more than I liked the trailer. I think the look of it was really pretty and the action (in both) looks well shot. It should be interesting to see a “recruiting” side of the Empire. Woody Harrelson, Thandie Newton and Donald Glover are awesome in everything so I have high hopes for them here.

Donald Glover as Lando

But on the other hand I thought the “heist” stuff in the longer trailer was kind of cliche been there done that even though I knew full well it was coming.

Okay, I know you can’t judge Alden Ehrenreich on one trailer and I have to say there were parts when he looked okay… mostly involving the action or short moments. But those two longer parts- the one where Emilia Clarke is telling Han that she knows him and the part at the end in the cockpit I thought the film itself was going for those Han Solo moments then and I just… didn’t see it.

Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo

And it just took me right out of the moment. Just my opinion obviously. The film needs to walk a fine line with that one though because he can’t be (at least he doesn’t look) that much younger than the first time we saw Han in a New Hope. I’m also fifty-fifty on Emilia Clarke. I like her and she doesn’t ruin anything for me but she’s not a presence where I can really say, “Oh, Emilia. Well at least I know she’ll be good.”

Who knows?

Han meets the Falcon

The above shot and the last shot in the teaser of Han and Chewie just appeals to my nostalgic little heart and I do like the character movie posters that were released.

The whole point of a trailer after all is to sell you a movie. This worked in that even a month ago I was saying, “No way.” I’m definitely more interested in seeing it. The hang up, for me, remains the lead and can he pull it off. And I think that was always the real question.

In other news I’m definitely not thrilled about Game of Thrones David Benioff and D.B. Weiss working on a new series. I don’t know if I would rather it be something out of Star Wars canon or something brand new. If I’m being kind I think the show had serious issues when they went off canon and speaking as someone whose favorite book stories were Cat, Robb and then the Northern Conspiracy, yeah, I wasn’t thrilled with when they were “on canon.”

Some early speculation has been it might be a series for the streaming service. I’ll keep my mind open. But at this point all I’m hoping is that J.J. closes out Episode 9 strong.


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