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Joy and the Fantasy Fun Tag

I saw this Fantasy Fun Tag a while back and really liked the questions. I hadn’t heard them or heard them put quiet like this before. So I thought I would give it a try. The original creator of the tag is on Youtube at: A World of Words

Which fantasy series would you be a part of? (The caveat here is you’d be yourself and your characters survival would depend on your own abilities or what you could learn.)

How long would I be there would be my question?

Like for vacation I might pop into Westeros and Middle Earth and be okay but living there would probably be a whole different story. I think I could manage Wonderland. I mean Alice made it and she was a kid or…

Gert goes Good

Fairyland! The place looks awesome as long as you avoid Gert! Plus I can eat all the sugar I want and I think I’d handle it better than Gert. But I suppose what makes more sense has got to be…

deathly hallows

It’s just our world with magic and I could teach at Hogwarts!

What type of fantasy being would you want to be? (Includes creatures.)

Witch or Elf.


Technically I mean a Middle Earth kind of elf. But I’d be fine with North Pole elf as well.

In your everyday life would you rather have powers or mythological creatures?

This is a hard one. I’d chose the awesome mythological creatures but my first thought would be how would I keep them safe. But then if that included dragons I suppose no one would really bug us and I could find a nice island somewhere and live happily with my creatures.

Favorite fictional dragon?

I love all dragons equally.

But I did admire Smaug’s love of gold. 🙂

smaug and his gold
He slept under his gold. Come on 🙂

Favorite Fantasy Movie?

The Two Towers. I can’t even consider another one.

the two towers

If you could take a character out of their world and into ours who would you chose? This means they would no longer be in the book.

Aw, this is hard because I love her in the books but I’d chose Luna. I think we’d be really good friends and have adventures together. Or Sansa and Lady (perhaps bending the rules I know) just so they could be happy.

If you could make a supporting character the protagonist who would you chose?

Eek. I don’t know. I think some of my choices are pretty obvious. (Hermione.) And others live in books where they at least get a POV. Maybe I’d give Sirius and Lupin a spin-off series? Luna a “continuing adventures of…”

A Song of Ice and Fire as told from the perspective of Dany’s dragons would be fun as well. I like to think they’d be seriously wondering about moms taste in men and how moms boyfriends might taste.


19 thoughts on “Fantasy Fun Tag

  1. I think a Middle earth elf would be pretty cool, and when the world sucks they can go to Valinor ha ha which I imagine is pretty nice. But yeah temporary visits might be best for places like Westeros, true.

    I think Martin should give us at least one POV from the dragons, seems only fair. 🙂

  2. Ha ha, that’s such a fun post.👏
    I am not sure if I would make it in Wonderland… I think they would drive me bonkers… despite me adoring their nonsensical world, I would probably try escaping given a chance. But Alice did make it, you do have a good point… 😊
    Love the idea of GoT being told from dragons’ perspectives.. I would pay good money for that! 😊

  3. Still has one of the best battle scenes of all time and I always tear up (ok- straight up cry at the end)! It’s so cool you get to share them with your sister. I think my nephew is still a bit too young but soon 🙂

  4. I get your ambiguity with living vs. visiting. I always wanted to end up in a fantasy world when I was younger–now I start thinking about things like health care and dying of diseases. Have you seen the Doctor Who episode with Capaldi where they meet Robin Hood and he tells some of them that they have multiple deadly diseases? Reminds me of that!

  5. I did see that episode and I hadn’t even thought of diseases! That’s actually a vote toward living at Hogwarts! If you can grow back missing bones over night you can probably cure anything. 🙂
    (Or just make sure your an immortal!)

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