Fantasy Fun Tag

Joy and the Fantasy Fun Tag

I saw this Fantasy Fun Tag a while back and really liked the questions. I hadn’t heard them or heard them put quiet like this before. So I thought I would give it a try. The original creator of the tag is on Youtube at: A World of Words

Which fantasy series would you be a part of? (The caveat here is you’d be yourself and your characters survival would depend on your own abilities or what you could learn.)

How long would I be there would be my question?

Like for vacation I might pop into Westeros and Middle Earth and be okay but living there would probably be a whole different story. I think I could manage Wonderland. I mean Alice made it and she was a kid or…

Gert goes Good

Fairyland! The place looks awesome as long as you avoid Gert! Plus I can eat all the sugar I want and I think I’d handle it better than Gert. But I suppose what makes more sense has got to be…

deathly hallows

It’s just our world with magic and I could teach at Hogwarts!

What type of fantasy being would you want to be? (Includes creatures.)

Witch or Elf.


Technically I mean a Middle Earth kind of elf. But I’d be fine with North Pole elf as well.

In your everyday life would you rather have powers or mythological creatures?

This is a hard one. I’d chose the awesome mythological creatures but my first thought would be how would I keep them safe. But then if that included dragons I suppose no one would really bug us and I could find a nice island somewhere and live happily with my creatures.

Favorite fictional dragon?

I love all dragons equally.

But I did admire Smaug’s love of gold. 🙂

smaug and his gold
He slept under his gold. Come on 🙂

Favorite Fantasy Movie?

The Two Towers. I can’t even consider another one.

the two towers

If you could take a character out of their world and into ours who would you chose? This means they would no longer be in the book.

Aw, this is hard because I love her in the books but I’d chose Luna. I think we’d be really good friends and have adventures together. Or Sansa and Lady (perhaps bending the rules I know) just so they could be happy.

If you could make a supporting character the protagonist who would you chose?

Eek. I don’t know. I think some of my choices are pretty obvious. (Hermione.) And others live in books where they at least get a POV. Maybe I’d give Sirius and Lupin a spin-off series? Luna a “continuing adventures of…”

A Song of Ice and Fire as told from the perspective of Dany’s dragons would be fun as well. I like to think they’d be seriously wondering about moms taste in men and how moms boyfriends might taste.