Science & Faith at the End of the World

Year Zero

Year Zero

By: Jeff Long

Grade: B+

After looting the ancient burial site known as Golgotha a plague is released and rips it’s way across the world decimating humanity in its path. Our band of survivors are mainly scientists who gather at Los Alamos- trying desperately to find a cure to save us as the disease inches closer and closer.

Since the plague originated from the bones of Golgotha perhaps the best chance is to use the same remains to clone the very people who could have had immunity.

This is a reread for me though it’s been several years and apparently I just confuse a lot of my apocalyptic stuff with the Stand. I do remember when I first read this I was far more interested in the religious element- basically the original theft of the site was about finding the “historical Jesus.”

Since the clones they’re using as lab rats in Los Alamos are birthed as fully grown humans with memory they may just find him.

Nathan Lee Swift races the outbreak around the world in hopes to find his young daughter. Miranda Abbot is a prodigy already banished to Los Alamos for questionable experiments.

Second time around I found this actual story a little bit basic but was much more drawn to the science elements. To the question of what would the scientists do a the end of the world? What rules would you break? How much humanity would you give up to save it? If you were watching a map of the world turn solid red (red meaning dead zones) would it matter to you if you were experimenting on clones? If you were doing horrible things to people who were already infected?

Would it matter to anyone?

I actually liked Miranda a lot more this time around. First read I remember being generally horrified by what they were doing but I picked up on a lot more this time out and the end that the book comes to (at least concerning the science) is done rather beautifully.

It’s more about science and faith together. Hope, acceptance and humanity at the very worst of moments.

Recommend: Yes. The book is not what I remembered but it makes you think about a lot of things, moves fast and is an entertaining beach read considering it’s about the end of the world.

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  1. I love reading books that made me think. Science combined with faith = adding this book to my TBR list immediately! 😊

    I don’t re-read books that often but you actually made a great point why I may do that – I probably do focus on certain things when reading a book for the first time and may miss certain angles. I’m happy you discovered more the second time around. 👌😊

    1. I really only started rereading recently going back to Game of Thrones and Harry Potter- I used to think it was a waste of time but yeah, you find something different every time or at least you realize how much you may have changed. I also think it helps me enjoy all the other books I read a bit more so there’s that 🙂

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