Love, Simon Deserved More Love

Love, Simon

Love, Simon

Directed by: Greg Berlanti

Grade: B+

Love, Simon is based on Becky Albertalli’s book Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda which was one I really enjoyed a couple of years back now. I didn’t catch this in the theater either and it didn’t seem to get a lot of attention outside the book community perhaps which is really a shame.

simon spier and friends

The story is about Simon (Nick Robinson) whose got great friends, a great family and is generally a happy well-liked kid. He’s also hiding the fact that he’s gay. The only one he can talk openly with  (at least on e-mail) is a kid from school calling himself Blue whose also gay but not out.

Simon quickly falls for Blue’s emails but their nice little back and forth is ruined when Martin (Logan Miller) reads Simon’s emails and uses it too blackmail him.

Simon at the merry go round

The performances are all nice- especially Nick Robinson. Everyone has good chemistry with each other though I thought his family was a little too perfect (and the principal a little too goofy) for my usual taste. I also couldn’t completely remember who Blue was so I was still surprised 🙂

The relationship between the friends was quiet nicely done but I generally liked Simon’s relationship with Martin. It’s a fine line to walk because I think we’re supposed to not like Martin but not really despise him either, he’s just a screwed up selfish kid abusing social media. I also liked Simon has some real bite with him. He goes along with the blackmail but he’s not kissing old Martin’s ass or anything.

blue and simon's emails

The message that it should be Simon (and everyone’s) personal choice to discuss their sexuality is a good one and also people protect your social media. Don’t leave emails up or even stay signed into public computers. Recognize that things on school and work servers are not private. Jeez.

Anyway besides the sticky sweetness sometimes being a little too much for my cynically inclined nature the other thing that bugged me was they changed the name- and also on the newer copies of the book. Like I do get why they did it Hollywood does like to simplify but I just prefer Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda.

However the move is adorable.

Recommend: Yes. And of course read the book!