Summer Reading & the Best Books of the Year

Summer Reading Tag

It seems like a perfect time for this tag since we’re in the middle of summer here and I’m in that spot where I’m happy in the summer shine and about to start endlessly complaining about it. This one was originally created on Youtube by Amy Jane Reads although I’ve seen a couple of summer tags floating around.

Three Books You Want to Read this Summer:

Contagion comes out in late July and The Forest Queen in early August. I’m trying to stay away from early reviews/spoilers and go into them blind because I’ve read books by the authors before and I really loved them.

(Only while looking up The Forest Queen did I realize Betsy Cornwell had a sequel to Mechanica which I read a while back and thought was great so Venturess is on the list for me as well.)

the mermaid and mrs. hancock

I heard some iffy things when I first picked this one up but honestly more recently two of my favorite Youtubers have loved it so I definitely want to get to this after Bright We Burn which is pretty much what I’m waiting for delivery for now!

A Character that Most Embodies the Traits of Summer:

the way you make me feel

Clara. She’s a practical joker. She’s got a bit of a short fuse and a temper and she just wants to enjoy the long lazy days of summer and vacation with her mom without having to do anything pesky like work with her enemy.

And like summer there was just enough of her and then the book was over before I got annoyed 🙂

Book I Most Associate with the Physicality of Summer:

Yeah, I’m not really a hot weather person so I’m certainly not a summer physical person. I grew up at the beach and looking at it and floating in it… but I can’t even swim. So this was a difficult one but one of the first things that came to mind was ROAD TRIP!

helen and troy's epic road quest

The monsters can be read as metaphors for like screaming children fights or out of work bathrooms when there’s still 150 miles of desert in front of you! And there’s also…

Paper Towns

It’s got a road trip near the end and summer is when I feel most like ditching town!

What kind of books do I like to read on holiday?

Depends on the holiday. If it’s a staycation without work then I probably will aim for the bigger books or the meatier ones. Going away or having a lot of plans at home even and I try to keep it simple and quick.

You’re going on a holiday with an author- who? Where? What would you want to know?

George R.R. Martin and it probably ends in a cabin in the woods with me screaming, “Jaime, Sansa and Stoneheart! Just give me their endings! That’s all I want to know anymore!”

Or Taylor Swift where I can just get endless song-writing lessons.

taylor on her throne

Book of the Year (So Far)


The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe

Neverworld Wake

Neverworld Wake

Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows

The Humans

Honor Among Thieves

Unable to narrow it down to one!

How Did I Spend Summer Holidays as a Kid:

Mostly they’d pack us in the car and take us to the beach- which when I was a very little kid was a bit of a haul. We also did participate in our libraries summer reading challenges every year.

Plans this Summer:

And then you turn adult and not only does work become an issue you have to pay for your own bloody holidays! My nephew will be visiting next month so hopefully I can do some fun touristy things with him. I’ve been wanting to go zorbing for some strange reason. Maybe that…

I can’t possibly injure myself while locked in a big ball!



25 thoughts on “Summer Reading & the Best Books of the Year

    1. Thank you!
      Between her song-writing skills, clothes, love of music, glitter and apparently baking with her fans it just seems like it would be such a good time 🙂

    1. Evelyn Hugo was such a nice surprise because I totally thought this ones got to be overhyped but it just worked for me. Totally pulled the old heartstrings to 🙂

  1. I liked Tides by Betsy Cornwell but haven’t read anything of hers since. The Forest Queen might be my next one though! And Contagion I absolutely want to read- it looks awesome and creepy both!

    Stoneheart… wow. It’s been a while! I wonder what she’s been up to? Nothing good if you’re a Frey I imagine lolol.

  2. Nice picks for top reads! 👌 Spending summers on a beach or at a library sounds amazing. I used to do something similar but a lake replaced the sea… I am a water 💦 baby.

  3. Eeek. Jaime’s my favourite male character and Sansa one of two favourite female characters (other is Arya). 💖 let’s face it though, Jaime’s going to die lol.

      1. I think Tyrion would be the biggest death to shock me show and book. Arya I agree. Hard to say… though I think there’s more of a chance of her dying in the books much more in tune with her story. I say Sam makes it in both but its mostly because I love the theory that this is a history written by Sam 🙂

      2. Tyrion would be a shock, but I think he’s end-game and he’ll help rebuild after the war. Besides, I think he’s GRRM’s fave lol. It’s been hinted in the book that she may die, I think Jon dreamt about it.
        The Sam’s always make it. He’ll be fine, he’ll write the story, marry Gilly, and have a happy life. Sam is the one to envy really. And Hot Pie, he’s living his best life.

      3. Hot Pie! At this point the Night’s King could kill everyone else and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Hot Pie was still kicking at that little inn serving whatever the wights might eat 🙂

  4. The mermaid & Mrs. Hancock is on my list for my mermaid week! (which is starting to get out of hand! 😂😂) and Helen and Troy’s epic road trip?? YES PLEASE! looked it up on goodreads and it is DEFINITELY on my list to get to! 💖💖

  5. You hit the nail on the head that adult vacations are hard because you have take off work and pay for them! Also you have to plan it! (I hate planning things!)

    I had to look up zorbing and it looks like it would be fun if you don’t suffer from motion sickness! Spinning makes me sick so it looks tortuous!

    1. So true which is why I spend most of my vacations at home reading 🙂
      I only get motion sick when I’m reading while in a vehicle so I’m okay for a little while.

  6. I really loved Clara in the Way you make me feel. That was the perfect summer contemporary book to read this summer.

    i have the Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo in my summer TBR. i keep hearing it’s an amazing book so I can’t wait to pick it.

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