Fly Me Over the Edge

fly me

Fly Me

By: Daniel Riley

Grade: C+

You know how in real life when you’re watching a train wreck situation in someone’s choices you may just shake your head and think I can’t believe that? There’s a good and bad side to fictional train wrecks. You don’t feel bad about watching.

But you eventually might think: no- I actually don’t buy that.

It’s 1972 and the educated and talented Suzy Witman is hanging with her sister and husband in sunny SoCal working as a stewardess skateboarding and sitting at the beach on her off days.

In a sense she’s enjoying the good life but in another sense as we come to see- Suzy is bored and was expecting more but not quiet sure how to go about making that happen. Getting caught up in a drug-trafficking ring (even if you start for noble reasons) is not the best idea.

I actually enjoyed 90% of Fly Me. I get the setting and the perfectness of the sunshine days and everything it’s hiding under it’s surface. I even related to Suzy (minus the drugs stuff) I found her and Grace likable characters. Mike (the husband) definitely got worse as the book went along for me and not in an enjoyable way mostly in a what an asshole way. And Suzy’s drug contact was so obvious in some ways that I wanted to slap her.

Despite that we we’re cruising along. I listened to it on audible and there’s a lot going on in Suzy’s head so keep that in mind if you like more action.

Fly Me did surprise me with one thing but then it hit that ending. It did have an enjoyable train wreck what the hell kind of vibe to it but stepping away from the book I just didn’t buy it from a character perspective and that does unfortunately affect my feelings for the book overall.

Endings are important and more so characters. I might not have to like everything but I do have to buy into it. In fact to be honest I think that bounce is more jarring when you have been with a story and the characters.  Even still I’ll definitely be checking out more from Daniel Riley in the future and it is still a pretty fun beach read.

Recommend: Overall Yes actually. Trying to be fair despite my issues with the ending I did enjoy it up to that point.



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  1. That’s tough, endings are important. They stick with us, and they do tend to colour everything that came before it.

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