A Ghost Tale with all the Feelings



By: Brenna Thummler

Grade: B

Available August 28th

This is a very sweet little tale about a ghost who finds himself playing in a laundromat one night and winds up trying to assist the 13-year old girl whose working to keep it afloat for her grief-stricken family.

I originally saw this on Perfectly Tolerable’s blog and it was read now on Netgalley so I thought I’d check it out.

This is a overall a cute book. It’s such a nice little fall read and I loved the art. Especially of the town and such it had a very small town almost old-school comedy show feel to it.

But the story also made me angry in some places. Like all of Marjorie’s dealings with the sleezey Mr. Saubertuck. Or those awful customers. Her father’s complete disappearance into himself save to critique her for doing what he should be doing. This story naturally has a lot of grief underlying it as Marjorie and family are also mourning the sudden death of her mother.

The town isn’t all bad however and there’s a nice couple of moments with her swim coach trying to help her.

It also made me melancholy with everything concerning our ghost (Wendell.) And how he came to be a ghost and the little ghost town. And the pumpkin cookie 🙁

So in other words sweet little ghost story gave me all the feels. As much as I did like it- it felt like there was something lacking that I can’t quiet put my finger on. Like I wanted more from the story which honestly could be considered a bad or good thing. I will definitely be checking out more from this author in the future.

Recommend: Yes. 

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