Fairyland, the Future & Al & Peggy

I Hate Fairyland Sadly Never After

I Hate Fairyland Vol. 4 Sadly Never After

By: Skottie Young

Grade: A

I have enjoyed every previous visit to Fairyland with our little over-sugared adult trapped in a child’s body and snapped psychopath Gert. That this seems like the end makes me want to cry. Though it goes out strong and on-top and I really enjoyed it.

I love portal worlds stories so I’ve always liked that being hauled into Fairyland was seriously traumatic for Gert and she made her inability to leave it traumatic for everyone else.

This volume stays true to form and character. I still absolutely love this art. My favorite graphic novel art is bright, wild and colorful just like Fairyland. We do also get a very nice moment between Gert and her maggot guide Larry and well she ends exactly where and how I expected but it still worked and made me smile.

I’ve also decided if I ever go to a comic convention (so many people…) I’m cos-playing Gert for sure.

the jetsons

The Jetsons

By: Jimmy Palmiotti

Grade: B

My biggest problem with this graphic novel reboot (reimagining?) of The Jetsons was that every time I picked it up I’d have the theme song stuck in my head! I originally heard about this on Greg’s Book Haven and that review totally sold it for me. Deep subjects? Check.

Like how they get Rosie for instance is a very interesting one and Astro… (Astro’s not a deep question I just always loved him!)

The art is bright and colorful much like Fairyland and right up my alley.

It did take me a while to get used to the “new” Jetsons. They do flash a lot of skin 🙂 Seriously maybe it was just because I was looking at the new Married with Children Pops but there was one outfit on Judy when she was going out I couldn’t help but think of Kelly Bundy. (Not in a bad way. I always liked Kelly.)

married with children
Al and Peggy! My new Pop must haves!

Also George looks like he’s about eighteen in some panels. I also think they confused Jane and Judy twice actually in the writing. I don’t remember/ haven’t seen enough of the cartoon to know how much it matches story wise. There’s a new Flintstones as well…

the flintstones

But knee-jerk reaction I find Fred a tab bit disturbing on the cover. Sort of Jon Hamm gone pre-historic times. But I would watch a Flintstones movies with Jon Hamm playing Fred. Maybe I will read it at some point.

Recommend: Yes to Fairyland! Also overall yes to the Jetsons! Though with the Jetsons it might depend on how much a fan of the original cartoon version you are!

Anyway, I’ve rambled enough for the day. Happy Sunday!

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  1. Skottie Young! Totally didn’t know this existed, but I’ve collected a bunch of his comic con pins. He makes Marvel characters look so darn cute.

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