Book One & the Backstabbing is Already Out of Control

The Iron King

The Iron King

By: Maurice Druon

Being in the mood (well a week ago anyway) I jumped at the chance to read The Iron King. George R.R. Martin himself called it “the original Game of Thrones,” plus it’s the start of a series based on the 100 Years War.

And it was translated from French so I can pat myself on the back for reading another translated book 🙂 Priorities right?

King Phillip the Fair is persecuting the Knights Templar. He needs money plays a big part in said prosecution. Meanwhile his sons wives are all cheating on them leading to questions on the paternity of the heir and Phillip’s daughter (who should be his heir) is stuck as Queen of England.

Which shouldn’t suck right? But seeing as how her husband is much more interested in his own sex it’s a bit of a downer for her.

When he sentences the Grand Master of the Knights to burn a curse dooms him and his family for generations. And also all the poor people that get caught up in it when the nobles play the game of thrones as we very much have learned.

Other than the fact this is the start of another series (The Accursed Kings) and I can’t believe I’m willingly starting another series with like 4,000 still unfinished- I really enjoyed it. It’s a lot less dense than Game of Thrones while still being full of the backstabbing deadly politics and everything that makes it so much fun. I mean seriously everyone has either a vendetta or a deadly secret.

I have a special place in my heart for the scheming unhappy Isabella although I have a feeling she’s going to go off the deep end!

Originally published in 1955 and translated I thought there were a couple of bumpy passages where the dialogue just didn’t seem to flow right to me and threw me off but otherwise I quiet liked the story and am interested in continuing it.

It’s also fair to say that I know nothing about this period of time in history or even the players. Except the myths and legends surrounding the Knights Templar so I spent a good deal of time on line Googling things but hey, bonus points for learning something new right?

And not just that but the tongue of an executed man is good for poisoning and you shouldn’t give expensive and highly noticeable gifts to your secret lovers.

Recommend: Yes. But keep in mind this is only book one of a series. However since book two is called The Strangled Queen and there’s all kinds of options for that I’m definitely going to keep reading!


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  1. Oh my God, I’ve been looking for a book on Isabella of France after watching the she-wolves documentary on Netflix! There’s nothing quite like royal drama, no amount of reality shows will compare to the backstabbing of real royal courts. Can’t wait to read this!!!!

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