I Have Some Reservations on this One (Spoilers)

sawkill girls

Sawkill Girls

By: Claire Legrand

I’ve been on a scare me kick recently and want things along the lines of Stranger Things plus I’ve wanted to read a Claire Legrand for ages (or at least since last year) so I finally picked up Sawkill Girls.

Monsters and girl power. What more could a girl want?

After a family tragedy Marion, her mother and sister move to Sawkill Rock. They should have researched that one a bit more because girls are disappearing on Sawkill never to be seen again and there’s not a whole lot of caring going on.

Marion quickly has a run in with a horse. Meets Zoey- an outsider whose been there slightly longer but long enough that her best friend is the latest missing girl and Viv. The super rich heiress to a horse empire and we find out quickly a family curse in which she must obey and feed the demon.

In terms of atmosphere and general story it provided what I wanted and then some. It was actually far darker, creepier and weirder than I thought it would be so points for that and I did like the characters though in a big way trapped Viv is definitely the most interesting of the three.

But Sawkill Girls also left me split on a lot. The whole girl power thing is a nice vibe but we get this cult full of men who show up to fight the monster and honestly they’re presented as nearly as bad (and in some ways I think Legrand wanted to present them as worse) I’m all for fed up girls kicking ass and telling people what they think but at times it didn’t feel so much part of the story as making a larger point.

Which is fine in and of itself- it just took me out of the story.

Spoilery Stuff…







Girl power was well quite literally power and while I liked the idea of that and where the powers came from I do feel like it took a bit away from the idea of ordinary girls fighting to live and actually separates our characters out as well. Because they aren’t normal girls they’re special. Hell it’s even talked about creating a school.









This book actually came out last year around the same time I read two other books which had characters hooking up with and falling in love with people who had killed their siblings and okay maybe Viv shouldn’t be held solely responsible for her actions…

But she lead your sister to her death Marion! She stood there and watched the monster eat her alive (we actually get Viv’s thoughts on this Charlotte was screaming for help and begging for her life) all that was left was a hand clutching the necklace that you two shared.

Forgiveness is one thing (and Marion is practically made into a Saint in the story) but love? Fucking love? I know she’s hot and sad and all but come on!

I’m split on Sawkill Girls- there’s a lot to recommend it but also a lot that annoyed me. Apparently I’m going to have to watch out for this “people finding love with their sibling killers,” thing that keeps popping up because that just does not work for me.

Recommend: 50-50

I remain torn on this one but I’ll read Legrand again for sure! And not just because I still have Furyborn sitting on my shelf 🙂


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    1. I’m getting back into them. I used to be when I was probably too young to be watching that stuff in the first place! Open to recommendations if you know of any good ones!

      1. I am not sure what your threshold is (as far as content/ graphic, etc) so I am hesitant to recommend. BUT, there is one that just came out that sounds somewhat like the book you just read. It’s called Midsommar, but it is kind of disturbing if you let yourself go there. It isn’t scary as much as it is creepy/ frightening. I mean I was creeped out but I really appreciated what the story was based around.

      2. Oh I definitely want to see that one! I’m rediscovering my threshold but I definitely prefer stuff with a good story (IT for instance or It Follows) I don’t think I could ever manage something like Saw 🙂

      3. The graphics are somewhat disturbing but in the context of the film it works. It is a cult ritual thing so you kind of know what you’re getting. 😬

  1. I did like this, but it didn’t quite live up to my expectations in terms of being a horror story. For me it was more a creepy suspense story. And the Marion/Viv romance really bugged me. Even though this wasn’t my favorite of Legrand’s books, I’m a big fan of hers so I’ll read whatever she comes out with.

    BTW, if you’re looking for a Stranger Things-ish book, I recommend Martin Stewart’s The Sacrifice Box.☺️

  2. “people finding love with their sibling killers”? Seriously? How could anyone love someone who killed their sibling even though they’re hot and sad? That’s enough to make me not read it?

  3. Falling in love with your siblings killer? Weird flex, but okay. This sounds scary but not too scary, so it’s probably something I might pick up. I love girl power when it’s not intended as girl power, but it naturally happens because of the story… and it feels a bit contrived here, and I kinda wish feminism wouldn’t be commodified, but more so crafted in literature treating women as human beings with flaws and virtues.

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