Discworld Does Hollywood

Moving Pictures

Moving Pictures

Discworld #10

The geniuses of Discworld are getting into Hollywood- or because this is Discword Holy Wood. And perhaps due to the subject matter for me it was one of the more fun and relatable Discworld novels.

We follow along with failed magic student Victor as he becomes a star of the new “clicks” along with small-town girl Ginger- along with a bunch of trolls, Producers and a couple of dogs as well as the demons in the box painting the pictures.

There’s a lot of film nods throughout though I particularly enjoyed the 50-foot woman with her captive ape. As well as references to things like representation in film and advertisement and product placement in films.

This is also the first Discworld novel I listened to on audiobook which was overall a good choice. Though I did find myself going back a lot because you can miss a lot of word play and some of the inside jokes. Also while the narrator was fine, hell even good, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking gee this would be so great with David Tennant or Michael Sheen narrating.

That being said I do think because this isn’t so out there (by Discworld standards) if there’s one to try on audio it would be Moving Pictures.

The only thing I wasn’t big on was the ending for one particular character. I know it was supposed to be like a hero walks off into the sunset kind of thing but good lord give him some love already!

All in all Moving Pictures was a fun Discworld entry and it’s another one you can read on its own albeit with some limited confusion on the world perhaps.

Recommend: Yes.


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