Sticking the Landing with Holy Sister

Holy Sister

Holy Sister

By: Mark Lawrence

“Remember mercy. Mercy for others in victory. Mercy for yourself too. You deserve happiness child. Never forget it.”

I mean I shouldn’t be surprised as Red Sister and Grey Sister were both strong entries but still the cynic in me was thrilled that Holy Sister stuck the landing. And did so emphasizing the things I loved most about it…

Characters, friendships, faith, love and mercy.

Holy Sister finds Nona and our other badass assassin nuns facing the long expected invasion as the ice drives the terrifying enemies armies further inland. The empire is basically done for and Nona and her friends must work together to unite the stolen ship hearts and face their fates.

Meanwhile we get flashbacks of the escape from the events of the second book that answers some more of our questions.

I’m trying to stay as vague as possible for the first two books 🙂

But I will say what I loved about Nona and the first book no matter how badass she becomes no matter how terrifying some of her powers can be- she never loses her heart or her humanity and never has despite the abuse in her background. And it’s not the abuse or the abusers that make her strong.

The friendships and loves that she forges do- and they help each other survive. Even when battle and war takes some of them away from her.

So it’s not a perfect trilogy. Red Sister felt a bit confusing and there’s a storyline with one character on the ice in Holy Sister that feels a bit lost. But based on my love for Nona, Ara, Apple, etc. it’s definitely one of my favorite completed series ever.

Recommend: Yes.


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  1. The first thing that came to my mind was when D&D referenced Sansa’s abusers making her strong instead of saying “she was strong because she always was” (I mean, that’s a given, a child hostage who survived King’s Landing). That scene could definitely have done with female writers in the room. This looks like a good, simply
    and straightforward read!

    1. Yes. Sansa survived King’s Landing under Cersei and Joffrey. Though me being me I would have loved some reference to the I’m going to be strong like my Lady mother line 🙂

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