Be Careful What You Look For…

spellbook of the lost and found

Spellbook of the Lost and Found

By: Moïra Fowley-Doyle

Something strange is happening Olive and Rose are losing things- small things at first. Bracelets. Jackets. But it’s beginning to escalate into bigger things. And when Olive meets a group of strange kids living in an abandoned house outside of town who have the same problem they cast a spell to have those things returned.

But just as strange random things are found.

And of course secrets…

I read this book because of the promise of spells and magic. (I bought it in large part due to that and the great cover so it doesn’t take much with me.)

It takes place in a small Irish town. So Ireland is also a big pull to me. I mentioned in my review of All the Bad Apples by the same author- this is more my type of magical realism. It’s this town living in a strange heightened reality but at the same time it never really uses the “magic” to pull story out of its ass.

Spellbook is a little confusing at times as we’re dealing with another group of girls who have also used the book. So we know something is off there but we don’t really know where or even when they are. There’s also elements of sexual assault, abusive relationships, underage drinking and abandonment.

I liked all of the characters. Family plays a very big part in the story and I was especially fond of Olive’s poetry quoting father and her good but realistic relationship with her younger sister. Plus I felt like when the book did come together at the end it all made sense and made both stories stronger.

While it’s not scary Spellbook is a good Fall/Halloween read in terms of atmosphere, magic and the idea that yeah you may get your jacket back but loose something even bigger as payment so be careful what you wish for.

Recommend: Yes.


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