Good Idea Wrong Characters

the furies

The Furies

By: Katie Lowe

Dark school days seems all the rage right now right? And I’m always down for some witchy Craft vibes. The Furies was strong in a lot of ways but I think it followed the wrong main characters.

Our main girl Violet is starting a new school after suffering a horrible family tragedy. The new school has a storied history with accusations of witchcraft and a girl who looks a lot like Violet who went missing the year before.

Violet immediately makes friends with a group of girls lead by Robin and being taught special classes by a mysterious teacher in a bell tower. One night they try a spell that supposedly rises the furies and murder mayhem and moaning ensue.

There’s a lot of strong points to the writing and some startling imagery in The Furies as well as lot of relatable moments even if you never dabbled in witchcraft. The problem is I felt like I was supposed to be rooting for these girls like girl power! You get even with your abusers! But they were generally so awful that I hated them. The main friendship between Robin and Violet is so completely toxic and I couldn’t understand how even possibly cursed dead witches would want to bother with them.

I didn’t like the other two girls much better but I think their story was stronger. Unfortunately they are pretty backgrounded and we are told about the abuse and murders. I got a very Heavenly Creatures vibe from those two. They weren’t particularly likable either but they were understandable and their relationship was slightly better. I think if the book had made those two and the definitely abusive father story front and center it would have been so much stronger.

Recommend: Maybe.

So while The Furies went a little off the rails for me in terms of character I would definitely read more from Katie Lowe in the future and if you’re into school mysteries, dark academia, witchcraft, toxic friendships and not particularly likable main characters give it a go.

I received an arc of The Furies from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. The Furies is available now.




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  1. I really liked the writing as well, but I can totally see why it went off the rails with regards to characters. The friendship was toxic I didn’t find them likeable and think you make a really good point about the other two girls having more of an understandable story. Excellent review!

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