Is a Road Trip always the Answer?

wayward son

Wayward Son

By: Rainbow Rowell

I’m really hoping that between Wayward Son and It Chapter 2 both falling a bit flat that’s not a portent of entertainment choices for the rest of the year.

Also did Baz eat so many poor pets in the first book? Cause I don’t remember that at all.

Anyway we join our golden trio at wits end in England. Simon now has wings and little idea who or what he is. Baz mostly seems to care what his and Simon’s relationship is and isn’t and Penny continues railroading everyone by coming up with a road trip in America idea to see Agatha.

Despite the fact that Agatha really doesn’t want to see any of them. But she has trouble of her own to deal with when she accompanies a friend to a New Age retreat in the desert. Always a bad idea. Always.

But America makes Penny and Baz pretty miserable. They don’t know the ways of magic over here and they are breaking quiet a few laws otherwise. But road trip Simon is happy Simon so they continue especially when they realize Agatha’s in trouble. The road trip portion of the book is fun- especially their differing reactions and learning about magic in America through their eyes was interesting. We’re playing catch up with the characters that way.

I liked some of the characters we meet along the way and it’s during those moments when the comraderie and back and forth feels most natural.

But as a whole the book just feels flat to me. Everyone didn’t need a POV. Shepherd didn’t get interesting until the very end (this is part of a series). Baz annoyed me with the animal thing but also his constant thinking about Simon when Baz actually starts learning about vampires and doing something productive it’s like a cue for Simon to go over the top jealous and cause trouble.

It would have made sense if he just plain old marked his territory. I mean he does have a tail.

Wayward Son is what it is- a middle of the road middle book with some entertaining moments. I’m still invested in these characters but less so than after Carry On.

Recommend: Yes- if you’re already a fan you’ll probably want to read it anyway but if not you can easily wait for the third book. But honestly even if you are a fan you can probably take your time on reading this one.



13 thoughts on “Is a Road Trip always the Answer?

    1. He doesn’t know how to politely drink humans which makes me wonder what vampire media is around in this world 🙂 Cause I mean hasn’t the guy ever at least seen True Blood?

  1. I’m sure I read the first one but I have such a poor memory if I can’t immediately get the next in a series I may as well drop it entirely.

  2. I was intrigued by the title when it appeared on my feed but had no idea it was a Rainbow Rowell book review! 🤣🤣
    To be honest, I haven’t read a single book by her. But I have to say, yours is one of the few reviews that have gotten me intrigued! Now I want to know more these characters. I think I will pick up Carry On now! FINALLYY!! 🤣🤣🤣

    AMAZING REVIEWW!! 😘😘❤️❤️😍😍

    1. I was skeptical of Carry On considering how it started out as basically HP fan fiction in another book- but that’s definitely the book of hers I most enjoy! I do hope you like it if you read it!

  3. i completely agree with you that wayward son felt like a middle of the road book and i didn’t really expect that. the plot for this one fell very flat compared to carry on; i felt like so much happened in that first book and i was invested in all the povs! with this one, not so much, though. i agree that shepherd’s perspective didn’t add that much to the story and didn’t answer any of my questions. i would’ve much preferred if this book focused on the story we already knew from carry on and picking back up some elements of that story (like simon’s mom!!!) than trying to introduce new layers, because i really did not care about all the vampire stuff at all, lol.

    1. Yes good point about Simon’s mom/past especially considering so much of the idea of the trip was to try to help him emotionally! The vampire stuff feels so old school. All I could think was someone needs to put on True Blood or give him the books and catch him up to speed on modern vampires!

  4. Oh good to know I can take my time reading this one- I’m such a huge fan of carry on that I’ll definitely be reading this- but it’s a pity so much of this felt flat to you and I’ll try to lower my expectations (if that’s at all possible 😉 ) Great review!

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