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Spring Favs and Recommendations

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This is a bit of a Spring Favorites/Spring recommendations tag. I did a Winter one here and hoped to do it seasonally. So yeah for keeping up. I know technically there’s a bit of time left for Spring but honestly once we hit Memorial Day it’s summer (and I’m already looking forward to Fall.)

I’m combining books, film and television I’ve seen recently. The tag is originally by Zarriah Rose over on Youtube.

Bright Lights Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

Bright Lights

Bright Lights Starring Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds

Directed By: Alexis Bloom & Fisher Stevens

Grade: A

I watched this documentary on Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds when it premiered not long after they passed and again more recently. (October 21st was Fisher’s birthday.) I had been familiar with their relationship and really enjoyed seeing this. I think with time it’s also less sad and really felt almost happy.

The Last Jedi & Princess of Alderaan

Princess of Alderaan

Leia Princess of Alderaan

By: Claudia Gray

Grade: A

I read Gray’s book Star Wars: Bloodline and really enjoyed it. Actually, it’s a book that’s grown even more on me whenever I think about Leia coming into the new trilogy. I thought she did a great job of getting into her psyche and I even have some personal fan theories about the book. (Probably aren’t true but you never know.)

That being said I wasn’t sure we needed Leia The Teenage Years but it was getting some great buzz so I picked it up.